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Can I put on makeup after an eyebrow graft?

Many times, when thinking about having an eyebrow transplant, it is common for us to consider both what the previous process is like and what the subsequent process is like. A question that, for example, may arise is: Can I put on makeup after an eyebrow graft?

Next, we will solve all your doubts about eyebrow grafting and makeup, so that you can take it into account and value it with all the information at your fingertips.

What is an eyebrow implant?

An eyebrow graft is a type of outpatient intervention that helps restore the density of the eyebrows and their shape. This is achieved because it extracts the follicular units from the donor area, the same as in a hair graft, and separates them into follicular units of a single follicle.

In this way, when implanted, a result that is as natural as possible and similar to the hair of the eyebrows is achieved.

More and more people are opting for this type of surgery since it is possible to recover the density and show off hair on the eyebrows without having to resort to temporary solutions such as microblading that, although they achieve good results, do not allow us to show off natural and lasting eyebrows in time.

Postoperative of an eyebrow graft

In addition to questions such as "can I put on makeup after an eyebrow graft?", it is normal that you want to know what the postoperative of an eyebrow graft. How to do to wash your face? Can you do sports? Can you wear sunglasses?  

Our medical team will accompany you throughout the process, so that you can resolve all the doubts you have and have all the information about what you can or cannot do after a hair transplant. 

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Can I put on makeup after an eyebrow graft?

So, can I put on makeup after an eyebrow graft? The truth is that it depends on the time that has passed and how you do it, but the quick answer is that during the postoperative process you should not make up the eyebrows.

In other words, you can always apply makeup to the rest of your face, as long as you do it very carefully, but you should avoid touching your eyebrows at all times since at the beginning and for at least fifteen days they will follow the usual healing process.

Still, We recommend you not to put on makeup during this time. This is because, for example, there are certain powder foundations or eye shadows that can spread and end up brushing the eyebrow. It is very likely that an error will occur in these cases, both when putting on makeup and when removing it. For this reason, it is always best not to apply makeup to the face in the area that goes from the forehead to the cheekbones, at least during the first fifteen days.

After that time you will be able to apply makeup without worry, but always keep in mind that it is advisable to wait a little longer before applying makeup to your eyebrows. This is because the hair grafted onto the eyebrows is still in the process of growing, and there are certain makeups that could clog the skin where the follicular units have been grafted, which could affect their natural growth.

For that reason, to make up the eyebrows it is advisable to wait at least a month to affect the recovery as little as possible.

In case you have doubts about the postoperative period of your eyebrow graft, our specialized medical team will solve all your doubts so that the whole process passes as comfortably as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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