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June 8th, 2021

What is a beard graft?

The beard and mustache are a part of the face that is currently gaining popularity, although it has always been a relevant facial complement. For that reason, when we do not grow a beard, we are likely to consider the beard graft as a definitive solution.

And it is that, who has not dreamed at some point of having a full and perfect beard? Many times physically it is not possible to fill all the gaps in the beard, and that is when an “extra help” is needed to achieve the result we dream of so much.

So why opt for a beard and mustache implant? We tell you everything you need to know about this type of intervention!

What is a beard graft?

The beard graft is a type of intervention that is responsible, through the FUE technique, of repopulating areas such as the beard, sideburns and mustache. In this way we will get the beard to be full and just as we dream.

By removing the follicular units from the donor area, present in the occipital area of ​​the neck, it is possible to repopulate the area of ​​the beard where hair does not grow. The most similar follicular units are sought, as well as the direction of the hair is taken into account to achieve the correct density.

Thanks to the previous diagnosis, each case is determined in a particular way, analyzing how many follicular units can be implanted to achieve the expected result.

Results of a beard and mustache implant

The beard graft achieves the expected results per year, although much earlier we will begin to notice the difference. The grafted hair will grow normally, and we can trim the beard and wear it with the style we want without inconvenience.

Therefore, the result goes completely unnoticed and remains natural once the recommended postoperative time passes.

Beard and mustache graft

How is a beard graft

To understand what a beard graft is, it is also important to know what the process of this type of intervention is like. Using the FUE technique, the mustache and beard implant consists of an intervention composed of the following phases:

Realization of the preliminary design

The first thing to bear in mind is that a prior design must be made, always taking into account the possibilities and indications of the patient as well as the equipment. Thanks to the design, the expected result will be achieved per year.

Anesthesia and pre-anesthesia

Before starting, the donor and recipient areas are anesthetized. Pre-anesthesia reduces the pain of pre-anesthesia by up to 80%. This pre-anesthesia is only applied in the donor area, not in the recipient.

Extraction of the necessary follicular units

After applying anesthesia, the extraction of the necessary follicular units present in the donor area begins, looking for those that are as similar as possible to the facial hair area.

It is also important to take into account if the patient wants to have a hair graft, since the donor area is limited and it may happen that there is not enough to perform a hair graft and a beard implant.

Making the incisions

After the extraction, the incisions are made in which the follicular units extracted using the Micromotor will then be implanted.

What is a beard implant like?

Implantation of follicular units

Once the incisions have been made, the implantation process begins, through which the follicular units extracted are implanted one by one in the incisions made.

Postoperative of a beard graft

Once you go through the intervention, our team will tell you step by step what you should do to go through the postoperative period of a beard graft in the most comfortable way possible.

It is very important to follow the recommendations that they give us, so that complications do not arise during the process and the process is as we want.

Reasons to have a beard graft

Are you thinking of getting a beard and mustache graft but you can't quite convince yourself? The truth is that it is a very personal decision, but one that more and more people are encouraged to make.

Through this intervention it is possible to redensify the area, so that we can have the dense and full beard that we have always wanted.

This type of intervention is perfect for beardless people who cannot get facial hair to grow as they want, or even for those who want to cover scars with a beard but have never achieved the expected result.

Whatever your reason, in Hospital Capilar We will be happy to analyze your case and tell you in a personalized way what is best for you.

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