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What is hair tourism? All the information

For some time now, hair tourism has been the order of the day and our country is positioning itself as one of the best options to enjoy it.

Spain is making its way into a sector that is increasingly booming, providing the quality and guarantees that Spanish healthcare offers us. 

Precisely this seeks Hospital Capilar: make Spain an essential for hair tourism.

What is hair tourism?

Hair tourism is encompassed within the so-called health tourism or health tourism.

In it, we combine the performance of a surgery or treatment with visiting a city and enjoying the stay in it. 

Following the indications of our team, you will be able to visit the city and get to know its most emblematic places.  

Hair or health tourism

What types of health tourism exist?

Within this type of tourism we can find two branches that differ according to the purpose of the displacement at a medical level.

Prevention tourism

Within prevention tourism we could include maintenance treatments to prevent the advance of alopecia and stop the fall.

This occurs when what worries us has not yet become a disease or illness.

Healing tourism

When there is already an established disease or problem and a cure or remedy is needed for it, this is when we refer to healing cars.

Although alopecia is not a serious disease from which we must cure ourselves, hair grafting is encompassed within this type of healing tourism, being a definitive solution for a lack of capillary density.

What is health tourism

Hair graft in Spain

If we are sure of something in Hospital Capilar is that Spain is the perfect country to travel to within hair tourism.

With a territory full of possibilities and with the option that we offer you to choose from among our clinics throughout the country, perhaps this is the push you needed to finish deciding to perform the hair graft that you have been wanting for so long.

In addition, this type of tourism is not only subject to traveling from abroad, discovering new cities in our own land is the best companion to that aesthetic change that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in your life.

Discover the Spanish territory while you get a great hair

En Hospital Capilar We already have several clinics throughout the Spanish territory, as well as the opening of many others on the way.

If you decide to choose us for your hair graft, you can visit the capital of the country if you choose our clinic in Madrid, get to know the beautiful Murcia and its charm if you choose the graft in this autonomous community or feel the airs of the Galician land if you travel to Pontevedra, where you can get to know the city and the coast.

There are no excuses for not traveling, much less for not having a hair graft.

Everything that Hospital Capilar can do for you

En Hospital Capilar You can find different services to turn your hair back to what it was.

Starting with the diagnosis, our experts will determine which solution best suits your case.

Hair grafting is the definitive solution to alopecia problems, however, if you are not yet at an advanced point and simply want to stop the loss, or if you have already grafted yourself and want to keep your hair, we also have treatments with which help your hair health.

Some of the treatments we offer are Hair Redensification Treatment or the Carboxitherapy.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information and to start with your big change.

Join the hair revolution!

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Your hair diagnosis at NO COST

En Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair and we will be happy to see your case to give you an adapted solution. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve all your doubts.



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