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What is the eyebrow graft?

Eyebrow grafting is an increasingly popular type of intervention, as it is a form of redensify the eyebrows and regain the look in cases where our eyebrows are miniaturized or we lack them.

All this makes more and more people ask about this type of intervention. What is it and why is it a definitive solution? Next, we give you information about a surgery that is increasingly on the rise and whose results achieve that we recover and enhance such an important part of our face as are the eyes.

What is the eyebrow graft?

The eyebrow graft is a type of intervention where the area of ​​the eyebrows is redensified so that it has the shape and thickness that we may lack due to various factors that have caused it to be lost.

It is achieved by removing the follicular units from the occipital area of ​​the head, keeping those that have a single follicle as similar as possible to the eyebrow. In this way, the intervention is carried out using the FUE technique, also used in a hair graft.

The grafted follicular units will grow smoothly, so that the desired shape is achieved. It is important that the postoperative guidelines are followed to achieve a good final result.

Why opt for an eyebrow implant to enhance your look

The eyebrows are an essential part of our look. With them we manage to communicate, they help us to recognize each other and it also has protective functions.

All this makes many people look for solutions to get fuller eyebrows and with the shape they want. 

There are solutions such as microblading that create a more sensation of density, but eyebrow grafting is currently the only way to recover the hair that we do not have in that area, and to have the shape we naturally desire.

For that reason, more and more people are opting for this option over others to give their look a definitive solution to have the eyebrows they have always wanted.

The importance of a good prior design

The design before an intervention like this is always important, and this becomes very important when we refer to the design of an eyebrow.

For this reason, it is important to put yourself in the hands of specialists who know how to make an eyebrow design that looks good aesthetically speaking and knows how to meet our expectations regarding the type of eyebrow design we want to have.

Eyebrow redensification

Enhance your look

En Hospital Capilar we are specialists in eyebrow grafting. Our specialists will analyze your case to give you a solution and a natural result with which to enhance your look and redensify the area.

How is the postoperative period of an eyebrow transplant?

The postoperative of an eyebrow graft is similar in many ways to that of a hair graft. Almost all the rules are the same - our team will explain you step by step what they are - but there are certain details that are important to take into account.

For example, you have to trim the eyebrows as they grow once the time indicated by the team has passed; This is because grafted hair has a different cycle and we have to trim from time to time. Also, we have to be careful with eyebrow waxing if we want to preserve the implanted follicular units.

They will also explain when you can put on your eyebrow makeup again if you want to, and how it should be made up of it. It is also important to protect ourselves correctly from sun exposure, so our team will explain to you when and how you can use sunglasses to protect the area properly.

Do not worry! Our team will explain to you step by step how you should do so that the postoperative period passes smoothly.

Is an eyebrow graft or microblading better?

Currently there are various types of solutions that help us generate the eyebrows we want. In addition to the eyebrow implant, there is microblading that is very widespread today. But which one is better?

The truth is that this is a very personal decision that depends on the tastes of each person, but there are certain factors that we must take into account.

For example, microblading is a temporary solution that gives us a feeling of having greater density, but does not really achieve it; On the other hand, the eyebrow graft is a solution that we will not have to go over and that will give us real thickness in the eyebrows.

Microblading requires a review every few months if we want to maintain the result. On the other hand, the eyebrow graft will not need a revision. For that reason, it will save money in the long run if we opt for this solution.

Microblading and eyebrow grafting differences

As we said, it is a very personal decision that depends on what each one prefers. It is best to know the pros and cons and decide on the one that best suits our needs.

En Hospital Capilar We will be happy to give you all the information about the eyebrow implant to help you make the best decision. We will wait for you!

Get the perfect eyebrows at Hospital Capilar

Do you want to enhance your look with a solution that does not require reviewing every so often? In Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair solutions, including eyebrow grafting.

Through our free diagnosis, our team will be happy to see your case and tell you everything you need to know about this type of intervention. Do you want us to help you? We will wait for you!



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