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What is carboxytherapy? All the information!

Within the maintenance treatments, more and more one is being talked about in particular: carboxytherapy. But, What is carboxytherapy really?

Today we want to talk about one of the most demanded treatments for the scalp, especially for the benefits it brings to it. Did you know that it can also be used to improve the state of other parts of our body?

In this article we give you all the information about this treatment, so that it can help you make the best decision to help your entire hair health.

What is carboxytherapy?

Many times we can ask ourselves what carboxytherapy is, and that is why in this article we want to explain in depth how it works and how it helps our scalp. 

Carboxytherapy is an innovative treatment that uses carbon dioxide, which is why the entire scalp is oxygenated as it is a kind of vasodilator.

What then is carbon dioxide? It consists of oxygen, but combined with a non-metallic element, which gives rise to elements such as carbon dioxide.

Through its application the area to be treated is vasodilated, which in the case of hair helps its growth and hair regeneration.

How carboxytherapy works

When asking ourselves what carboxytherapy is, it is important to also know how it works. Through the use of Carbon Dioxide, the skin to be treated is stretched to achieve that vasodilator and regenerating effect.

The good thing about carboxytherapy is that it doesn't take many punctures to achieve the desired effects. Through light pricks and massages to spread the carbon dioxide, it is possible to reach a wide area of ​​the body; this means that many punctures will not be necessary to achieve the effect.

In addition, the current carboxytherapy devices make it a much more painless process than the previous ones, making the sessions short and much less annoying.

Why is carbon dioxide used?

Carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide is the gas used in this type of treatment. It may attract our attention at first, but the truth is that it is not toxic and that it is eliminated through the air. It will not cause problems in the body, nor will it change our own oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

This gas is used subcutaneously to make the tissue to be treated tighten, which improves general circulation.

Hair treatments

Use of carboxytherapy on the scalp

Hair carboxytherapy is one of the most widespread today, since several studies support its operation for hair regeneration. For that reason, it is recommended in cases of alopecia to take care of hair health.

Thanks to the vasodilation produced by carbon dioxide, it is possible to help reduce hair loss, as well as promote hair growth. This is due to the improvement of circulation in that area of ​​the body, which improves oxygenation and the arrival of nutrients to the scalp.

This is what stimulates hair regeneration, making it a treatment capable of completely helping our hair. Furthermore, it also helps more collagen and elastin to be produced, which is also good for the scalp.

Other benefits of using carboxytherapy

Besides knowing what is carboxytherapy and its uses on hairIt is important that we know that there are currently many other uses of this treatment. Not only does it help our hair regeneration, but it is used in the following areas of the body:

  • Helps eliminate scars, even those formed by acne.
  • It is used to remove dark circles.
  • Partially removes facial wrinkles.
  • It is used to remove sagging from the body.
  • Helps eliminate fat.
  • Remove stretch marks.

Therefore, we can see that the use of carbon dioxide is used in many parts of the body to achieve an improvement in certain parts of our body.

Benefits of hair carboxytherapy

Hair maintenance treatments

Carboxytherapy is a very widespread maintenance treatment to take care of our hair, but it is not the only one that we can find. There are various treatments that help our hair, and it is interesting to know.

Each treatment will help our hair in one way or another, so it is important to speak with a specialist who can personally tell us which treatment will work best for our particular case.

Although a previous diagnosis is advisable, below we show you the hair services that you can find in Hospital Capilar:

Information about what is carboxytherapy

In this article we have explained what carboxytherapy is,  a hair maintenance treatment that helps hair regrowth and hair growth through the use of carbon dioxide.

What is the Hair Redensification Treatment (HRT)?

En Hospital Capilar We offer a treatment that replaces the daily consumption of medications for hair loss. The Hair Redensification Treatment o HRT is a treatment that helps prevent hair loss and improves its thickness and strength.

Through adapted pharmacotherapy microinjections, a shock treatment is achieved to take care of the hair and make it maintain it.

Find the best solution in Hospital Capilar

Are you looking for a solution to your hair problems? In Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair and we will be happy to see your case to give you an adapted solution.

Through our free diagnosis we will analyze your case to give you the best personalized solution.

Hair care treatments

Adapted hair solutions

En Hospital Capilar we are specialists in hair solutions and we will be happy to see your case to give you an adapted solution. We will wait for you!



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