22th September 2021

What is the Hair Revolution Box?

When we think of a hair graft we are thinking of a service where we can assess the final results after one year.  This is something that can be difficult for many patients, and that is where it comes into play. our Hair Revolution Box.

From Hospital Capilar We have developed a totally innovative experience that seeks to make the patient process much more comfortable. Our main objective is to accompany you throughout the process, and our HRBox precisely helps to ensure that all this time of your life passes with the greatest comfort possible.

What does it consist of and what makes it so special? We give you all the information!

What is the Hair Revolution Box?

Hair Revolution Box It is a box specialized in hair grafting. Our experience in the sector led us to realize everything that the patient needed and, seeking their greater comfort, from Hospital Capilar We develop our own box in search of a constant improvement of the service.

For this reason, this box includes everything necessary so that the patient can live a satisfactory experience from start to finish, with all the information and all the necessary products to take care of their hair health.

Hospital Capilar; Welcome to the hair revolution!

When we say that our goal is the capillary revolution we say it by taking it to all levels of Hospital Capilar, and that includes from patient service in the clinic to our Hair Revolution Box.

When you have surgery on Hospital Capilar you are part of our group of revolutionaries who can proudly say that they have been part of a new way of understanding hair grafting and solutions. And, to remember it, you will have your own HRBox that will commemorate such an important moment as when you decide to take the step and change your life with a hair transplant. 

Hair Revolution Box

Phases of the Hair Revolution Box

What's inside our Hair Revolution Box? Here it is important to note that our box is divided into three differentiated parts and that we will have to use each of them depending on the moment in which we find our hair graft.

Although we want to save you some surprises when you use our box, here we tell you what you can find in each of them:

Phase 1: Preoperative moment

The preoperative is the first phase of our HRBox. In this part you will find, therefore, all the information you should know to prepare before surgery and remove those nerves that are normal to have.

In addition, this phase is accompanied by a specific product to avoid complications before the intervention that could cause it to be canceled, such as folliculitis.

Phase 2: After the intervention

The second phase of the box should be used after the intervention. In this phase you will have all the information about what you should do after visiting our clinic. In addition, you will find suitable products to pass the postoperative moment in the best possible way.

Phase 3: Six months after the hair transplant

The last phase of our Hair Revolution Box It is to see from six months after a hair graft. In this part we will give you those extra encouragement to pass this last stage with the necessary energy to give that last impulse.

In Hospital Capilar we take care of you!

En Hospital Capilar we are constantly innovating to offer the best service for the patient. We want to take complete care of our patients, taking care of all the phases from entering to leaving our centers.

We are specialists in hair, and our goal is the happiness of the people who contact us. Do you want to tell us about your case? We will wait for you!

Get your HRBox

En Hospital Capilar we want to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us about our Hair Revolution Box.



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