Hair follicles

What are hair follicles?

When we go to a specialist in hair health we can be surprised by the internal complexity that something as simple as a hair appears to have. Follicular units, hair bulbs, stem, follicle... There are endless words that involve hair and today we want to focus on one in particular: What are hair follicles?

Although it may not seem like it, it is very interesting to know what hair follicles are since they define an intrinsic part within the process of a hair graft itself.

What are hair follicles?

Although the hair follicles are commonly confused with the follicle as such, which is the hair, the truth is that the hair follicles are the holes where this own hair grows. That is, in the skin we have very small holes through which the native hair comes out, and these are called hair follicle.

Differences between follicle, follicular unit and hair

Now that we have seen what a hair follicle is, what is the difference between a follicle and a hair? While the first is the hole, the other two refer to the hair as such; The main difference therefore is that the follicle is the inner part of the hair, the part that we do not see, and the hair is the part that we see growing on the surface of the skin.

Therefore, these three things are not the same and it is convenient to learn the differences that exist.

Differences between follicular unit and hair follicles

Finally, it remains to differentiate what are hair follicles and what are follicular units. The main difference is that hair follicles are the opening through which hair grows, while follicular units are the “pockets” where hair grows, and in them there can be from 1 to 5 hairs, sometimes more in certain pathologies. 

How to wash your hair after a hair transplant

Functions of the hair follicles

In addition to being the opening through which our hair grows, our medical equipment ensures that hair follicles have a sensory function related to the sense of touch. When, for example, we move our hair, it activates the nerve endings that cause us to feel the movement.

Therefore, it is not simply a hole but has a function intrinsically linked to sensations and touch.

Treatments and hair solutions for your hair

Taking care of hair is essential if we want it to look healthy and in its best condition, which is why we can look for treatments and solutions in those cases where we consider that our hair needs extra help.

Here are some of the hair solutions that can help you alleviate your hair problems:

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

Using the patient's own plasma to get the platelet-rich part, this treatment helps to increase the thickness of our native hair and avoid its miniaturization.

Hair Redensification Treatment

Instead, HRT It consists of adapted pharmaco-mesotherapy that helps stop native hair loss and the progression of alopecia. Therefore, it must be a specialist who tells us what is best for our particular problem.

Hair graft in Spain

When we lose the native hair and want to get it back, the hair graft It becomes the most recommended solution to achieve a natural and dense result using our own hair.

Through the FUE technique, the follicular units are extracted from the patient's donor area, and then implanted in the recipient. After six months we will see the first results, although we will not see the definitive ones until a year later, eighteen months in the case of the crown.

Although our alopecia will continue to progress, thanks to the hair graft you can recover the lost density in those areas where the hair no longer grows.

Previously, a diagnosis must be made to determine what can be done and if you are suitable for a capillary graft.

Diagnostic room with trichoscopic photography of scalp with hair loss

Your hair implant in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar You will find an expert medical team with which to achieve the best aesthetic results. All our hair surgeries are carried out with the FUE technique, since it does not leave visible scars. Request your first diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the best hands.



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