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25th October 2021

Going bald from wearing dreadlocks: truth or myth?

Many people today opt for elaborate hairstyles such as African braids or the famous dreadlocks. Its use is very widespread, mainly for aesthetic reasons, but we must know what the consequences of wearing such a tight hairstyle for a long time can be. Therefore, below we will tell you everything about Going bald from wearing dreadlocks: is it possible?

What are dreadlocks?

To understand the impact that dreadlocks can have on the hair health of the wearer, you have to know what they are and how they are made.

Dreadlocks are strands of hair that are tangled into a specific shape like tubes. It is a hairstyle that requires excessive tension so that they are kept for as long as possible. It is precisely this that often raises the question of whether it is possible to go bald from wearing dreadlocks. From Hospital Capilar We want to solve all your doubts about it. Continue reading!

Is it possible to go bald from wearing dreadlocks?

When asked if it is possible to go bald for wearing dreadlocks the answer is no, but with nuances.

It is very unlikely that a man or woman who wears dreadlocks will go bald for this reason alone. However, our doctors indicate that this type of hairstyle can negatively affect hair health causing excessive hair loss. In fact, dreadlocks can produce a traction alopecia Due, precisely, to the tension with which this hairstyle is made. The longer a person wears the dreadlocks, the greater the probability of developing this type of alopecia.

Hair loss isn't the only consequence of dreadlocks fashion. In the same way that it should take care of hair at home daily, in the case of dreadlocks it was not going to be different. If the dreadlocks are not washed or dried properly, our hair can be damaged, triggering symptoms such as itching and unpleasant odor. 

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How to properly care for dreadlocks?

With all the aforementioned and unlike what is usually thought, dreadlocks require care so that the hair is kept in the best possible condition.

Wash the dreadlocks with a neutral shampoo

To wash the dreadlocks correctly you should use a neutral shampoo and proceed to massage them delicately. The scalp must also be soaped avoiding pulling.

Rinsing in these cases is essential to avoid traces of shampoo on the scalp.

Drying your dreads properly

Due to the very shape of dreadlocks, they tend to absorb a lot of moisture. For this reason it is important to bear in mind that every time they get wet or washed you have to spend some time drying them completely to prevent them from rotting. To do this, it is enough to wrap the dreadlocks in a towel and press gently.

Avoid finishing products

Hair products such as waxes, gummies or lacquers are not recommended for hair with dreadlocks as they can cause them to break down. 

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Hair treatments to improve hair health

Maintaining proper hygiene when wearing dreadlocks will keep the hair in the best condition, but it will not prevent the hair from falling out.

In cases of traction alopecia, or before any type of alopeciaIt is essential to go to an expert medical team to determine the best treatment in each case according to the diagnosis. Catching the problem early can avoid major consequences.

En Hospital Capilar we have the hair treatments most effective and innovative in the sector that will keep your hair in optimal condition.

HRT or Hair Redensification Treatment

El Hair Redensification Treatment is a treatment available in Hospital Capilar With which it is possible to stop hair loss, considerably improving its condition.

HRT consists of the local application of drug therapy adapted to each patient through practically painless microinjections.

CRT or Capillary Regeneration Treatment

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment It is defined as a treatment that helps hair regeneration.

It consists of the extraction of a small amount of blood from the patient, which is subsequently subjected to a centrifugation process from which the growth factors are obtained. Once obtained, these are applied to the scalp through dermoinfiltrations.

Hair graft, the definitive solution to baldness

The aforementioned hair treatments help the hair function properly. However, hair that has been lost due to alopecia will not grow naturally. The only alternative to recover lost hair is the hair graft.

The hair implant is a minimally invasive surgery, which does not require general anesthesia, only local, in which the follicular units are extracted from the area that is not affected by baldness and are implanted in the area to be treated. The results of the intervention are given one year after the graft, eighteen months in cases of the crown, although at six months the first results can already be seen.

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En Hospital Capilar we take care of your hair

Carrying out a correct hair diagnosis is key to finding the origin of a hair loss. On Hospital Capilar We have an expert medical team that will be in charge of solving all your doubts and recommending the best option according to your case. 



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