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6 reasons to get a hair graft

Spain is one of the countries with the highest volume of people with alopecia, especially androgenetic. Luckily, a solution to this is possible very close to home. Here we give you 6 reasons to get a hair graft.

What is the hair graft?

The hair graft is an intervention that helps us to recover that hair lost due to alopecia. 

By extracting the follicular units in the donor area, which is usually the nape, they are grafted in the areas that need to be redensified. 

In this way, we provide a solution that will make us repopulate the areas where there is a lack of density.

There are several techniques used for hair grafting, the most widespread is the FUE or Follicular Unit Extration technique, in which the follicular units are extracted one by one in a minimally invasive way and that does not leave scars visible to the naked eye as is the case in techniques such as FUSS, in which the follicular units are removed from a strip that is removed from the nape of the neck and leaves a mark on the scalp. 

Hair graft in Spain

6 reasons to get a hair graft

If we stop to think about what reasons we would have to put hair on, we find many advantages, since surgeries are increasingly more accessible and the results will accompany you for a long time.

For that reason, in this article we leave you 6 reasons to get a hair graft.

Previous diagnosis at no cost

Many cases of androgenetic alopecia are operable, since it is a type of alopecia that allows the graft to be carried out. We just have to bear in mind that to operate we cannot let alopecia progress to a point where it is insurmountable and we do not have the necessary conditions to perform the intervention.

For this reason, if we believe that hair graft is a solution tailored to us, the ideal is for a professional to assess us as soon as possible to know in what state of advance the alopecia is and if we are at the right time to perform the surgery.

Remember that not all cases are operable, and that it depends a lot on the type of alopecia as well as its progress. For this reason, a previous diagnosis is so important to help determine each case.

Adapted hair treatments

Possibility of financing

Hair graft is a surgery that has the benefit that there is the possibility of financing it for greater comfort.

After the hair graft process you will regain your confidence

It is undeniable that one of the great benefits that hair transplantation brings us is that we recover that lost essence, we look rejuvenated and we gain confidence. This makes it one of the reasons to get a hair transplant.

Intervention with the quality of Spanish healthcare

The hair graft in Spain has great professionals who will take our case to offer us a lasting solution that, if we follow the proper care, can be maintained for a long time without us needing a second intervention.

Hair graft without unnecessary displacements

It is no longer necessary to travel abroad, traveling long distances, to be able to perform a hair graft.

Spain not only offers us proximity but also guarantees us in terms of quality and service.

Natural results in a hair graft

With the capillary graft, results are obtained that allow the intervention not to be noticed with the naked eye once we finish the complete process.

The grafted hair is our own and, thanks to great professionals who look for a natural design that looks good, the final result will be just as we expect.

Hair diagnosis at no cost

Hair maintenance treatments

If you decide to perform your hair graft with us, you should know that you have the advantage that you can perform hair maintenance treatments very close to home.

On many occasions, when the patient travels abroad to undergo the transplant, if he wishes to undergo treatments, he must go to other clinics that are closer to him or travel again to keep his hair in the hands of the same professionals.

With Hospital Capilar You will be able to perform both the graft and the treatments as close to home as possible, making sure that you will have an exhaustive postoperative follow-up in which our medical team will ensure the good condition of your implant.

HRT or Hair Redensification Treatment

By means of adapted drug therapy dermoinfiltrations, this treatment helps to stop hair loss, avoiding its miniaturization and improving its condition.

Receiving Hospital Capilar Madrid

Your hair diagnosis at NO COST

En Hospital Capilar We are at your fingertips to answer all your doubts about hair grafting and to tell you in a personalized way what is the best for your particular case. We will wait for you!



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