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7 reasons to perform an eyebrow graft

Within the population it is increasingly common to find solutions for the lack of density in the eyebrows, and one of them is the transplant. Even so, many people do not opt ​​for this solution due to lack of information or fear of outpatient surgery; for that reason, today we give you 7 reasons to perform an eyebrow graft.

Do you want to know what reasons make more and more people want to have an eyebrow graft? On Hospital Capilar, specialists in hair medicine, we give you the answer.

7 reasons to perform an eyebrow graft

There are many reasons to do a eyebrow graft, but here we show you the seven most notable and the reasons why many people opt for this type of surgery to solve their lack of density in the eyebrows.

Do not miss these 7 reasons to perform an eyebrow graft.

A permanent solution for your look

Contrary to other current solutions, the eyebrow graft is permanent. That means that you will have to perform the surgery and the entire process only once, and then you will not have to retouch yourself so that the results are the same.

It is clear that there are situations that can cause us to lose our eyebrows, and eyebrow grafting is not immune to that, but we will certainly avoid temporary solutions such as microblading.

Choose the shape of your eyebrows

Thanks to eyebrow grafting you can choose the shape of your eyebrows. This will help you enhance your look and have exactly the look you were wanting.

Before surgery, our experts will help you choose the eyebrow design that best suits the shape of your face, so that you can wear the shape as best you can look.

Avoid constant touch-ups

When we notice a lack of density in the eyebrows, it is common to resort to temporary solutions such as microblading. Although the results are very good with this type of technique, it is true that we must bear in mind that we will have to touch up our eyebrows from time to time if we want to maintain the results.

With the eyebrow graft we avoid having to travel to retouch the results. At first we will have to trim the eyebrows from time to time so that they grow to the desired length, but it avoids having to move too much to maintain the result. 

Save money in the long run

Think about the amount of money you have spent to make up your eyebrows, and the money that you can spend throughout your life if you have to go to a specialized center to touch up your microblading every so often.

Eyebrow grafting is a long-term investment, since we save significantly by no longer having to resort to temporary solutions to recover the density of our eyebrows.

Increases protection against external factors

It is not a detail that is taken into account as much as the aesthetic factor, but the truth is that the eyebrows help protect us from external factors, and act as a shield from sweat, dust and other particles to prevent them from entering the eyes.

A higher density will help you to have better protection to a greater or lesser extent.

Avoid having to make up your eyebrows

When we notice a lack of density in the eyebrows, it is normal for us to go to makeup to alleviate it. To get a good eyebrow makeup, it is common to spend a lot of time and use quality makeup to achieve an optimal result that is also natural.

Therefore, eyebrow grafting will allow us to save a lot of time putting on the correct shape of our eyebrows, by not having to fill in the gaps where density is lacking.

An increasingly fast process

Finally, it should be remembered that the eyebrow graft is a fairly simple outpatient procedure compared to other similar ones, and that it also lasts between three and four hours. Therefore, in a very short time you will be done and you will be able to start the recovery process to gain the desired density in your eyebrows.

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