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December 15th 2021

Giving hair graft for Christmas: What are the advantages?

Christmas is here and, another year, it is time to give and receive gifts from our family and dearest people. With all this, the "and what do I give you this year?" In Hospital Capilar we give you the solution! Have you thought in gift hair graft for Christmas? We tell you all the advantages it has!

Giving hair graft for Christmas: Is it a good option?

When we start to organize the gift list of our family and friends, it is very common to have doubts and, in some cases, not know what to give. When this happens we usually opt for more generic details such as clothing or perfumes. But, if what you want is to have a detail with that special person that makes you very excited, keep reading!

Many men and women both inside and outside our country suffer from some type of alopecia. This usually leads to self-esteem problems that can even negatively affect our day-to-day life. Currently this has a solution. Thanks to hair graft with FUE technique It is possible to see ourselves with hair again in those areas where it stopped growing naturally. For this reason, Giving hair graft for Christmas is one of the best options for that special person who wants to take the plunge and change his life.

Advantages of giving a hair transplant for Christmas

It is indisputable that hair implants have changed lives. Put yourself in the hands of a expert medical team it is a guarantee of success. Therefore, giving a hair transplant for Christmas has many advantages whether you give it to a family member, a friend or your partner. It is a gift for life.

An original gift

If what we want is to get out of the typical gifts of every year, the hair implant is without a doubt the most original detail that you could have with that person you love so much. 

white and red snowman ornament

Our Hair Revolution Box under the christmas tree

En Hospital Capilar One of the aspects that differentiates us is that you physically take a detail home with you. Our Hair Revolution Box are designed to materialize the hair graft service with the best products for the different phases of the hair implant process.

If you finally decide to give a hair graft for Christmas from the hand of Hospital Capilar you can decorate your tree with our Hair Revolution Box, a box full of illusion.

Change the life of your loved one

As we discussed before, it is a gift that you can always enjoy and will completely change the life of that special person.

The best time to perform a good postoperative

One of the advantages of performing hair surgery on these dates is in relation to the hair graft postoperative. It is a phase in which each and every one of the recommendations given by our doctors must be complied with in order to guarantee the best results. In this sense, the postoperative of a hair graft is much easier to comply with, since the sun is much less aggressive than in summer and we will avoid sweating.

Patient before and after his hair transplant in Madrid

Your hair graft in the hands of an expert medical team

En Hospital Capilar We have an expert medical team that will respond to your needs. Request your hair diagnosis at no cost and take the step to change in our clinics in Madrid, Murcia or Pontevedra.



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