Delivery of the HRBox after giving a hair graft for Valentine's Day
June 3th, 2024

Gift hair graft for Valentine's Day: Surprise your partner!

With the arrival of the month of love, it is time to think about what to give to that special person. February 14 is a designated date to celebrate affection and love by having a detail with your partner. In Hospital Capilar We want to give you a revolutionary idea: give a hair transplant for Valentine's Day!

The hair implant is changing lives. It is currently one of the most demanded interventions to recover hair that has fallen due to alopecia. There are many advantages of giving a hair graft for Valentine's Day and, from Hospital Capilar, we will tell you.

Hair graft for Valentine's Day, an original gift

La alopecia It is a problem that affects many men and women in our country, and this is indicated by the Spain alopecia index. Lack of hair is often accompanied by physical complexes, lack of self-esteem, and even psychological problems. This is why more and more people decide to solve it by going to hair clinics in Spain.

Do you want to give something for life to that special person? Do a detail that you need and change your life? Giving a hair graft for Valentine's Day is a success.  

a surprising gift

The fact of giving a hair transplant for Valentine's Day takes us away from typical gifts such as chocolates or flowers. Definitely, giving an implant is going to surprise and cause a great sensation.  

Give self-esteem and well-being

Few things are better than feeling good about ourselves. When the person next to us has some other physical complex such as baldness, why not find a solution? If you decide to give a hair transplant for Valentine's Day, you will also be giving away self-esteem, well-being and, ultimately, health.

Payment facilities

Thinking of making a special gift? In Hospital Capilar We offer you payment facilities, such as interest-free financing, in addition to three packs of hair graft so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Hair Revolution Box

Despite giving a service to that special person, in Hospital Capilar you can give our Hair Revolution Box. It is a box that is obtained with the purchase of the surgery where everything necessary for the preoperative and the hair graft postoperative. In this way, we accompany the patient at all times.

Is it worth having a hair transplant?

What used to be a surgery hardly demanded where the few who performed it were forced to travel to Turkey, is now considered a practically routine intervention in our country with multiple hair clinics in Spain. More and more men, and also women, decide to take the plunge and recover their hair with the FUE hair transplant, mainly due to the advantages offered by this technique. 


Minimally invasive intervention

Hair implant surgery with the FUE technique is minimally invasive and outpatient. That is, once the intervention is over, the patient can return home normally. Also, no general anesthesia is administered so the patient is awake and conscious during the surgery. Yes, it applies Anesthesia local which makes the process completely painless. The risk of this intervention is practically nil, although it is necessary to be in the hands of an experienced medical team since it is still surgery.

Unique method to recover hair

The truth is that hair treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma or the hair mesotherapy They are aimed at promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss. However, these hair treatments they will not cause new hair to grow in areas where it no longer grows naturally. In this sense, hair grafting is the only method by which to recover hair that has fallen due to alopecia.

Lasting results

The hair that is implanted in a hair transplant does not fall again, since it is extracted from the donor zone, which is not affected by the androgenic alopecia. Thus, hair transplant results they are definitive and, if we carry out the medical treatment that our professionals recommend to stabilize the alopecia, it will be forever.

Personalized medical follow-up

En Hospital Capilar We accompany our patients throughout their hair implant process. From the preoperative period, during the intervention, the postoperative period and until the first year has elapsed, at which time the medical team, after the review, discharges the patient.

Hair graft in patient with capillary micropigmentation

En Hospital Capilar we take care of your hair

With a hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, in Hospital Capilar You will find a team of professionals who will respond to your needs. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in expert hands!