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Can I have sex after a hair transplant?

After the intervention, it is normal for us to ask ourselves many questions about the process. One of these questions is usually: Can I have sex after a hair transplant?

Knowing what to do and what to avoid after a hair graft is essential to achieve an optimal result after the intervention and to be able to wear the desired hairstyle with the density we expect.

For that reason, today we solve the doubt about whether you can have sex after a hair transplant or if it should be avoided.

Can you have sex after a hair transplant?

After performing this type of intervention, it is advisable to follow certain postoperative rules to spend this moment as calmly as possible. In case of not complying with the rules, it may happen that the result is not as expected.

For this reason, it is important to know if you can have sex after a hair transplant. In this way, we can avoid any act that could harm the result. But what is the answer?

We have to take into account that we will recover our usual life a month after the intervention, so we cannot have sexual relations during this first postoperative part.

It is the same with sports, where we can do smooth routines without sweating after 15 days and return to the usual rhythm a month. For that reason, we must act the same with any type of sexual activity; specific, we must avoid having sexual intercourse until 15 days after the intervention.

Any act that involves sweating, where very sudden movements are made or pressure is exerted on the head can end up affecting the results. In addition, it can also lead to the appearance of certain problems such as folliculitis or dermatitis.

For that reason, avoid having sexual intercourse after a hair transplant until it is completely safe to practice these types of acts normally. You can speak with our highly qualified team to resolve any questions regarding the postoperative that may arise. 

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Postoperative rules after a hair graft

The capillary graft follows relatively simple postoperative rules, so that in a short time we will be able to recover the usual rhythm that we follow in our daily life. In addition to knowing when we can have sex after a hair transplant, there are other questions that often arise.

For that reason, we leave you below some of the most common questions that may appear:

Not having sex after a hair transplant

As we said, you cannot have sex after a hair transplant. At least you have to wait fifteen days to do this type of activity again, but always with caution.

It must be remembered that the exercise must be gentle until the month of the intervention, so we can also apply it to all those activities that are considered physical and can make us sweat.

Postoperative rules of a hair graft

Avoid playing sports for the first month

As we said, sports activities are limited during the first month. Until fifteen days we can not do any type of sport, and we can resume from then but gently.

It will be a month when we can resume our sports routine normally and without worries.

Be careful with the sun and the water!

The sun and water are not our allies during the first month. We have to avoid the sun and put our heads in the water and in the pool.

Our team will explain to you how you have to wash your scalp during these first days so that you can do it without worries. Remember that it is also important to wash the head but carefully!

Follow the advice given by our specialists

In general, after the intervention it is very important to be clear about the guidelines to follow. For that reason, it is very important that we follow all the rules and advice of our team; in this way, your hair graft will advance correctly.

En Hospital Capilar we accompany you throughout the process

We know how important a good postoperative follow-up is to achieve the proper result and to get rid of any doubts.

For that reason, in Hospital Capilar We are at your fingertips to be able to solve any doubt or inconvenience that may arise. Offering a close service that prioritizes patient comfort, our team is committed to impeccable postoperative quality where you can solve any of these doubts.

You can contact us to solve any of your questions and our team will be happy to assist you.

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