Results of a hair graft
5th October 2023

Results of a hair graft: When are they really?

The hair transplant is the definitive method to recover hair, since it offers natural and long-lasting results. However, it is important to note that It is not a treatment that offers an immediate solution, but it is a relatively long process where we will appreciate the change little by little. This is where doubts usually arise as to when the results of a hair transplant are really seen and if it is really worth undergoing this intervention. 

Being duly informed about the process to know every detail of this surgical process is essential. Therefore, since Hospital Capilar We give you all the information about the results of a hair transplant so that you can have it at your fingertips. Next!

When are the results of a hair graft?

Many times when thinking about carrying out this type of intervention, we can have certain doubts about not knowing when we will be able to show off that change that we are looking for. As we have mentioned, the results of a capillary graft are given in the medium-long term and, during this process, we will experience changes in our hair until we reach the final objective: to recover the hair that has fallen due to a alopecia

En Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you how and when will hair grow during the months after the surgery and when you will finally be able to appreciate the results of a hair graft. 

Days after surgery

After leaving the intervention, the patient returns home with relative normality and this is when his hair implant postoperative. Especially during the first days, the scalp is more sensitive and more exhaustive care is required, in addition to attending the 24 hour cure and the 10-day one that we carried out in the clinic. 

During these days we will practically not appreciate hair in the intervened area even though the follicles have been grafted. The scabs, which will be eliminated with subsequent washes, and we will notice the area somewhat sensitive. As pointed out by doctors from Hospital Capilar, this is normal as the scalp is healing and the implanted follicles settling. 

One month after hair transplant

After the first weeks we will notice that the hair begins to grow, although a little thin. However, after a short time this hair falls, but we do not have to worry. 

A month after the intervention, a process called shock loss in which the grafted hair, and even the native one, falls out. This telogen effluvium is completely normal and occurs due to the trauma suffered during surgery. The hair falls out but the follicular unit remains in the scalp, so the hair will grow back. This new hair will be denser and stronger than the previous one. 

From 6 months

Before six months we will begin to see how the bald areas begin to be covered. It is after six months when the patient is in the middle of his evolution, that is, there is still the other 50% to grow. 

It is at this moment when we begin to appreciate the first results of a hair transplant. After overcoming the Shock Loss and with the care and treatments recommended by the medical equipment, we will notice that the implanted hair grows thick, covering the lack of density left by alopecia.

Use of tape after hair grafting

After 1 year of the intervention

When 1 year has passed since the patient undergoes the hair transplant, it is when he can already appreciate the final results. The implanted hair has grown enough and thickened in such a way that the area affected by baldness is covered. In cases of androgenic alopecia, the most common of all, usually the patient must take medications such as dutasteride or resort to hair treatments such as Mesotherapy to stabilize alopecia and prevent the rest of the hair from falling out. 

En Hospital Capilar We carry out a medical review in this phase to evaluate the result and determine the success of the intervention, giving the patient medical discharge. 

18 months after hair surgery

In the case of making a crown capillary graft, we have to know that the results in this area are given definitively at 18 months. Being the area that takes the longest to grow, we must have a little patience until we can see the final results. Of course, the wait will be worth it!

You can consult our before and after hair transplant and verify the result of this intervention in real patients of Hospital Capilar.  

What is a hair graft like?

We know that hair grafting is a process from which many questions can arise. The first of all is:how is a hair graft? The truth is that it is an easier process to understand than it seems at first.

The hair implant is performed on an outpatient basis and consists of extracting follicles from the donor zone, the one that is not affected by alopecia, and implant them in the area with baldness. The hair that is implanted does not fall again since it is considered immune to alopecia

In order to undergo a hair transplant, it is essential to receive a medical diagnosis beforehand. It must be taken into account that not everyone can have a hair transplant, considering not suitable for hair grafting for certain reasons. For this reason, the medical team studies each case individually and is in charge of evaluating the feasibility of surgery, as well as considering how many follicular units are needed.  

Doctor performing a hair graft with HIV positive

Free hair diagnosis in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar We are hair specialists and we will be happy to see your case in a personalized way, as well as show you examples of results of a hair transplant. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the hands of experts in the sector. 



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