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Hair mesotherapy results

To show off healthy hair, we usually use effective hair products that help it look in the best conditions. However, many times it is not enough just to follow a good routine of home care, but it is necessary to resort to capillary treatments with proven medical efficacy. Capillary mesotherapy is one of the most demanded today due to the benefits it brings. Next we tell you how it works and what are the results of capillary mesotherapy on the hair.

En Hospital Capilar, a clinic specialized in capillary medicine with a presence in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about capillary mesotherapy in Spain. 

What does hair mesotherapy consist of?

Capillary mesotherapy is a medical treatment that consists of the subdermal infiltration of vitamins together with drugs adapted to each patient in the scalp. It is a technique that must be performed by qualified medical personnel.

For its application, almost painless microinjections loaded with vitamin complexes and drugs that act against hair loss are used. In this way, the results of capillary mesotherapy are perfectly visible since it acts directly on the root of the problem.

For the results of capillary mesotherapy to be optimal, a prior medical diagnosis is necessary. In this way, the feasibility of the capillary treatment is determined, as well as the doses and periodicity.

Duration of hair mesotherapy

For a treatment such as hair mesotherapy to be effective in the long term, it is necessary to attend the sessions recommended by hair doctors. The usual thing is to apply capillary mesotherapy once every month for a year. Of course, depending on each case, this period of time will be shortened at the discretion of the doctor in charge. 

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Benefits of capillary mesotherapy in Spain

This hair treatment has multiple benefits for the hair. The results of capillary mesotherapy are truly visible, especially with regard to hair loss and the recovery of density.

Stops hair loss

As we mentioned, the main benefit of hair mesotherapy is that it stops hair loss. Our doctors They establish that this is because drugs that inhibit the hormone that causes hair loss are used, thus acting directly from the root of the problem.

Promotes hair growth

The combination of drugs with vitamins promotes hair growth. In this way, among the most notable results of capillary mesotherapy is the improvement of hair quality.

Replaces the consumption of oral drugs

Capillary mesotherapy serves as a substitute for taking oral medications aimed at stopping hair loss. This is a great advantage since, in this way, we can forget about the daily consumption of drugs.

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En Hospital Capilar We have an expert medical team in the hair sector with which to achieve the best results. We have capillary mesotherapy, as well as other hair treatments with which to keep the hair in the best conditions, stopping its fall. Request your diagnosis at no cost!