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May 6th 2024

Can you drink coffee in a hair graft?

Coffee is the quintessential breakfast drink which we incorporate almost daily into our diet. For some people it is practically essential to start their day. Those who undergo a hair transplant have to comply with the medical indications for the intervention to be a success and there are habits that we must put aside for a while. What about coffee in this regard? Can you drink coffee in a hair graft?

En Hospital Capilar, experts in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you if you can drink coffee in a hair graft, as well as other aspects that it is important to know both before and after a hair implant.

Can you drink coffee before a hair transplant?

Although it is an outpatient surgery, it is essential to put into practice the instructions provided by the medical team before the hair transplant. In this sense, there are certain substances that must be avoided before surgery, such as coffee.

You cannot drink coffee in a capillary graft and, before the intervention, it is important to suspend it or reduce its consumption to the maximum 7 days before. Bill medical team of Hospital Capilar He assures that this is because caffeine causes blood pressure to increase, which can be a great drawback in the development of the hair graft since it increases bleeding. In addition, it may be contraindicated with certain drugs that must be taken before hair implantation.

In short, you cannot drink coffee before a hair graft as this will reduce possible inconveniences during the intervention. It is important to reduce its consumption or suspend it a week before surgery, and the day before, as well as that same morning, it should not be taken in any case.

Other aspects to take into account before a hair implant

In the same way that you cannot drink coffee in a capillary graft the days before, there are also other substances that should be avoided during the hair implant preoperative.

No Smoking 

Tobacco consumption is harmful to the body and can interfere with the healing process of the scalp, as well as cause infections. This is why it is required to stop smoking or reduce cigarette consumption 7 days before the intervention.

not drink alcohol

In the same way that there are certain restrictions as to whether you can drink coffee in a hair transplant, the same is true with alcohol. Alcohol is contraindicated with taking other medications such as the antibiotic that is sent before surgery. This is why its consumption must be suspended one week before the hair graft.

Do not consume narcotic substances  

Narcotic substances are also totally prohibited before submitting to hair graft

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Is it possible to drink coffee after a hair transplant?

It is important to follow the preoperative rules for the surgery to be a success, but it is also key to comply with a good hair graft postoperative. In this sense, can you drink coffee in a capillary graft the days after?

It is not possible to drink coffee after a hair transplant. During the two days after surgery, we must opt ​​for other types of beverages that do not contain caffeine or theine, since it can interfere with the correct healing process.

The importance of a good postoperative hair transplant

The postoperative period of a hair implant is really important since the progress of the hair graft depends on it. Especially during the first weeks it is key to continue with the recommendations provided by the medical equipment to achieve hair transplant results that meet expectations.

Minimize cigarette consumption

It is important to stop or reduce cigarette consumption as much as possible during the first 7 days after surgery. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing infections that could compromise the result of the hair transplant.

not drink alcohol

As in the preoperative period, it is not feasible to consume alcohol while taking medication. Therefore, it must be suspended until we stop taking the drugs prescribed by the medical team.

not do sports

Excessive sweating can be the origin of infections such as folliculitis. This is mainly why it is important not to exercise during the first month after surgery. In the case of mild exercise that does not involve sweating, it can be resumed after 15 days.

Avoid sun exposure

The sun must be avoided especially during the first weeks, since it can produce dark spots on the scalp that affect the aesthetics of the results. In addition, it can compromise the survival of the grafts if the scalp is burned by the sun's rays.

Don't wear a cap

During the first weeks you cannot touch the receiving area or manipulate aggressively. For this reason, caps, hats or helmets cannot be worn during the first weeks.

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