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Can I get the sun after a hair transplant?

After the intervention, it is very important to follow the indicated postoperative rules. It is normal for questions to arise about what we can and cannot do, such as: Can I get the sun after a hair transplant?

You have to properly protect yourself from the weather, either from the sun or the rain for example, after a hair transplant. During the first month the whole area is more sensitive, so it is important to take into account the rules indicated by the team.

Next, we will tell you how the climate affects the graft and how you should protect yourself from the sun.

How does the weather affect the hair graft?

The hair graft during the first month is much more sensitive, so it is important to follow the postoperative rules if we want an optimal result in the intervention. Besides knowing that can not give us the sun after a hair transplant, you have to know how the climate affects it.

And it is that the sun, the rain, the wind and the dust are not allies for a good result. During the month - and even in the next few months - they can affect the grafted follicular units, and even cause problems such as folliculitis or similar.

Can I get the sun after a hair transplant?

When answering the question about whether or not we can get the sun after a hair transplant, we have to know that the answer is no. During the first month we must avoid direct exposure to the sun, as well as to the water and the pool.

But it is important that we know that we will not only have to protect ourselves during the first month! As long as the area is red and no hair has come out, we will have to protect ourselves from the sun and other external agents.

Why should we do this? The sun can leave marks on us and, as the scalp area is more sensitive, it can cause it to become hyperpigid. If this happens, the area will be darker and will affect healing. For that reason, it cannot give us the sun after a hair transplant. 

Postoperative rules of a hair graft

Other post-operative rules that are important to consider

In addition to knowing that you cannot get the sun after a hair transplant, there are certain rules that it is also important to keep in mind. All this will help us to obtain the correct result after the intervention.

Don't worry in Hospital Capilar We accompany you throughout the process to make it as comfortable as possible, so that you do not have any doubts at all times.

Next, we will tell you about other of the most common doubts that may appear, but remember that you can contact our team personally when you want to solve some of these questions.

Wear a cap after a hair transplant

During the first month we should not carry accessories that can compress the grafted area, but there are certain exceptions that we can take into account around ten days. If you want to know when you can wear a cap after a hair transplant, our team will be happy to answer any questions about it.

Sport after a hair transplant

Can I do sports after a capillary micrograft?

It can doing sports after a hair micrograft after fifteen days, but it has to be smooth and without sweating. After a month we can resume our usual routine without worries, exerting pressure and sweating normally.

When can I have sex after a hair transplant?

As with sport, we have to avoid keeping sexual intercourse after a hair transplant minimum fifteen days, and taking into account that we must follow the same rules as when carrying out other types of sports activity that may cause sweating or pressure.

Other postoperative rules after a hair graft

In addition to these post-operative rules, there are a few more that you should keep in mind. Our team will tell you in a personalized way everything you need to know so that the experience after the information passes as quickly and is as comfortable as possible.

We are always at your disposal to assist you in all your questions; in Hospital Capilar We want to accompany you throughout the process, from the beginning to the end.

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