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7th October 2021

Dyeing gray hair before a hair transplant: Why should it be done?

A very common question in patients is whether they should dye your gray hair before having a hair transplant. Can this affect the outcome of it? In this article we will solve all the doubts on this subject.

Why is it necessary to dye gray hair before a hair transplant?

Gray hair is much more difficult to distinguish on the scalp than colored hair. That is why it is recommended that the gray hairs be dyed before a hair graft a few two days before the intervention, just as it would be advisable to do it on very light hair, in which the same thing can happen to us.

With this, what we achieve is that the medical team during the intervention is able to better distinguish the hair and be able to perform the surgery more quickly.

Can graft be done with gray hair?

According to our medical equipment, Yeah. There is no problem for someone with gray hair to have a hair graft. If the medical team has given its approval at the time of the evaluation and the donor area is suitable to extract the necessary number of follicular units, hair color does not prevent surgery.

Why do we go gray?

If you wonder why we get gray hair, here we explain some of the most common causes.

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Genetic factors

There are people who are genetically more prone to the appearance of gray hair over the years.

Stressful situations

Stress causes alterations in metabolism and affects our hormones, reducing the production of melanin and causing our hair to lose color.


There are diseases that can also influence the appearance of gray hair. These can be diverse: vitiligo, vitamin deficiency such as B12, hypothyroidism, etc.


Smoking in excess can cause the appearance of gray hair since the agents that make up tobacco alter the oxygenation of the blood and this affects the color of the hair.

Poor hair hygiene

Poor hygiene and the use of water at very high temperatures can also cause loss of hair color.

Types of gray 

The truth is that gray hair can be of various types depending, mainly, on the time of its appearance. 

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Physiological gray hair

It is the type of grayness associated with age that usually appears at the temples and entrances and progresses until the entire upper part of the head is completed.


It is a type of premature graying that usually appears by strands, either in the hair, beard or eyebrows and that usually has a hereditary factor.

Premature gray hair

This type of gray is the one that appears in young people of 20 years or less.

Annular grayness

It is a type of discontinuous gray that appears distributed throughout the entire scalp although it can also appear in strands.

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