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Drinking alcohol after a hair transplant: Is it possible?

Thanks to the capillary implant we can recover the hair lost due to some type of alopecia. This is why more and more people are opting for this intervention to put an end to baldness. However, it must be taken into account that the success of the results not only depends on the ability of the medical team, but also on the patient himself in complying with all the medical indications to follow. During this process, doubts may arise such as those related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages: Can you drink alcohol after a hair transplant? How does alcohol affect our body after the implant?

El hair implant preoperative, as well as the postoperative period, are key phases that guarantee a good development of both the graft and its recovery. Therefore, it is essential to resolve all the doubts that may arise in this regard. In Hospital Capilar We advise and accompany you throughout your process, from the beginning to the end, solving all your questions in a totally personalized way.

Is it possible to drink alcohol after a hair transplant?

When in doubt about whether it is possible to drink alcohol after a hair transplant, the answer is no. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed during the first days of surgery, but neither the week before the intervention.

Alcohol consumption interferes with the normal functioning of the scalp, which can be detrimental in a hair transplant. This also happens with other substances such as tobacco, coffee, tea, or narcotics.

Reasons why you can not drink alcohol after a hair transplant

Not being able to drink alcohol after a hair transplant is due to the fact that this substance interferes in several key aspects for the correct development of the intervention, as well as in the recovery process. Below we tell you what the main reasons are and what could happen if this medical indication is overlooked.

Contraindicated with certain medications  

While we are taking certain medications, the consumption of alcohol is totally contraindicated. In the case of hair surgeries, the medical team in charge of the intervention prescribes antibiotics to avoid possible infections in both the recipient and donor areas. These drugs are an example of medication that should not be mixed with alcoholic beverages as side effects may otherwise be experienced and may even interfere with implant recovery. 

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Affects blood coagulation

Alcohol directly affects the circulatory system by altering the proper functioning of platelets. This affects blood coagulation can cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Therefore, it is important not to consume alcoholic beverages seven days before the hair transplant.

causes dehydration

Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate. Specifically, an increase in renin activity occurs. This is the hormone that controls urination, and when more water than usual is eliminated through urine due to alcohol, the body and skin become dehydrated. When this happens, the scalp does not function properly, putting the health of the grafts at risk.

Increases the risk of inflammation of the scalp

In addition to affecting blood coagulation, alcohol favors inflammation of the scalp, which has a direct impact on healing. That is, if we consume alcohol after having undergone a hair transplant, our veins will dilate considerably reducing tissue scarring. This translates into a worse post-surgery recovery, which will mean that the results are not as expected.

When to drink alcohol again after hair transplant?

Alcohol consumption will affect our scalp and therefore our capillary health in the long term, and may even produce organic effects as well as follicular loss from the implant the first week after surgery.

Alcohol consumption can be resumed once the medication is discontinued. However, it is preferable to consult with a expert medical team so that you can determine the risk of its consumption and capillary involvement based on the evolution of the capillary graft.

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All your doubts resolved in Hospital Capilar

Doubts about what to do and what not to do both before and after the hair transplant are totally common. Therefore, in Hospital Capilar You will find a consulting team that will solve all your questions in a personalized way. In our clinics in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra we have an expert medical team in surgeries and hair medicine with which you will obtain the best results. 



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