Hair tonic for hair made in a mortar
June 13th, 2023

Hair tonic: what benefits does it have for hair?

Following a good hair care routine is key to having healthy, quality hair. For this, it is necessary to use hair products that respond to the particular needs of each one. One of the most mentioned formats lately is what is known as hair tonic.

Hair tonic is a product that many have already incorporated into their hair care routines, but what are the benefits of hair tonic? What properties does it have on hair? In the blog de Hospital Capilar We tell you everything you need to know about hair tonic: What is it? What is it for? Is it really beneficial for hair health?

What is a hair tonic?

Unlike the use of facial tonic for skin care, hair tonic is a relatively new product that many have already decided to incorporate into their daily lives to care for their hair. Normally we usually find it in a spray or dropper format, and depending on the function it fulfills, it will have one formulation or another.

The ideal thing in a hair tonic is that it is composed of natural ingredients, in this way it will be more respectful of the scalp. These vary, as there are anti-loss hair tonics or balancing hair tonics, among others.

How to use hair tonic

The application of the hair tonic is simple and does not require much time. It is enough to spray, or administer a few drops, through the scalp until it is moist. Once applied, a gentle massage is recommended for the product to integrate. In addition, in this way we promote blood circulation in the area. no need to clarify, as with facial tonics, it is a product that we must apply after washing the hair and before using the finishing products. 

Balancing hair tonic from the Tahe Tricology line

Benefits of hair tonic for hair

The use of hair masks or conditioners improve the structure of the hair, making it silky and nourished. Hair tonic, however, acts on the scalp, not the hair fiber, so the benefits it provides are different from more conventional hair care products. A cared for and healthy scalp will make the hair look better quality.

En Hospital Capilar Shop we have the balancing hair tonic. Next we tell you the properties it has on the hair.

Helps the proper functioning of the scalp

As we have mentioned, the hair tonic acts directly on the scalp and improves its functioning. Specifically, the balancing hair tonic stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, thus promoting the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles, thanks to biotin 5 and vitamins H, B7 and B8.

Reduces hair aging

Another of the great properties of this product is its anti-aging action. Thanks to the natural polyphenols, the cell structure is preserved, reducing the signs of hair aging.

Fight the signs of stress

The natural polyphenols contained in the balancing hair tonic also combat the effects caused by UV rays.

Avoid skin alterations

The balancing hair tonic from the Tricology line is also recommended for post and pre-treatments for hair. Strengthens the microbiota of the scalp thus avoiding possible skin alterations.

Tips to take care of hair in depth

Using a good hair care routine at home is essential to avoid hair problems such as frizz, oiliness, dryness, or brittle hair. To know how to care for hair at home properly will make us look healthy, nourished and higher quality hair.

Use specific hair products

At present there are multiple hair care products that we can resort to. In this sense, the important thing is to find a line of specific products for our type of hair and need. In addition, it is also advisable to check that its ingredients are primarily of natural origin.

Eat a balanced diet

Diet and hair loss they are intimately related. A nutritional deficit can cause our hair to worsen and even fall more intensely, giving rise to what is known as telogen effluvium.

To avoid this, we must follow a varied and balanced diet where we incorporate vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and nuts.

In the event of hair loss, consult an expert

On many occasions, anti-loss shampoos are not enough to stop hair loss. In the event of unusual hair loss, it is essential to go to a specialized hair clinic for a medical assessment. In case of being before a type of alopecia, they should resort to Medical treatments Or, when the alopecia has advanced enough to leave areas without hair, opt for a hair transplant in Spain.

Hair transplant clinic in Madrid

Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

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