Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatment
11th October 2023

Hair maintenance treatments

Although hair grafting is the best alternative to recover lost hair, hair maintenance treatments are good allies to preserve native hair and keep it in the best condition. Depending on the type of hair treatment, some benefits or others are obtained, so it will be a specialist doctor who will recommend the best one depending on the needs of each patient. Knowing the different hair maintenance treatments is key to finding effective solutions to our hair problems.

From Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain, we tell you everything you need to know about the different maintenance treatments for hair: what they are, how they are performed and in which cases each of them is recommended.

What are maintenance treatments?

Hair maintenance treatments are effective solutions to hair problems such as alopecia or abrupt hair loss as in cases of telogen effluvia derived from factors such as Stress, having passed the covid 19th or a bad nutrition. Although each one acts in a certain way, normally all of them to a greater or lesser extent prevent hair loss, reduce hair miniaturization, encourage hair growth and strengthen it.

It is important to go to a specialist who can analyze our case and tell us in a personalized way which is the best option based on our particular needs. For this, it is advisable to go to an experienced hair clinic in Spain where we will receive a medical diagnosis and the most recommended treatment in each case.

Keep in mind that this type of hair treatment will not make hair grow in areas where it stopped growing naturally due to alopecia. In those cases, the only way to see ourselves with hair again is through the FUE hair transplant.

Types of maintenance treatments

Hair maintenance treatments are very varied and each one can help us in one case or another. Opting for one or the other depends on the medical diagnosis that we have mentioned above. Depending on the type of alopecia, pattern of hair loss and general state of health of the patient will be more effective one or the other, or a combination of several.

oral drugs

Oral drugs are among the most widely used hair maintenance treatments today, mainly due to the most common type of alopecia of all, which is treated with this type of medication.

The most common type of alopecia, according to our specialist doctors, in men, but also in women, is of hormonal and genetic origin: the androgenetic alopecia. It is a disease that occurs due to a hormonal imbalance: the enzyme 5 alpha reductase converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which attacks hair follicles causing their miniaturization and subsequent destruction. In these cases, hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia will not grow back.

It is a disease that has no cure as such, but there are pharmacological treatments that inhibit its effects and slow down its progression. Normally, and to achieve optimal results, the medical team recommends the combination of two types of drugs in these cases: a vasodilator and an antiandrogen. First of all, the most widely used vasodilator is Minoxidil, which favors blood circulation, making the necessary nutrients better reach the hair follicles, causing the miniaturized hair to thicken. The result of this is thicker, stronger and denser hair. On the other hand, the most recommended antiandrogen in these cases is Finasteride. It is an oral drug that inhibits the action of dihydrotestosterone, which stops hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia and prevents hair miniaturization.

The combination of Minoxidil and Finasteride offers very good results in cases where hair loss is caused by hormonal alopecia. 

Hair mesotherapy infiltration treatment in Madrid

Hair mesotherapy

La hair mesotherapy It is another of the most widespread maintenance treatments for hair today. It is recommended for men and women with hair loss or loss of density caused by various factors, although the most common is that it is due to androgenetic alopecia. Even, this capillary mesotherapy treatment serves as a substitute for the consumption of oral drugs, which is a perfect option for patients who are reluctant to take oral medication.

Capillary mesotherapy consists of subdermal infiltrations in the scalp of vitamins, peptides and drugs adapted to the patient, specifically the dutasteride. This hair maintenance treatment stops hair loss and the advance of alopecia, encourages hair growth and enhances its quality.

Platelet Rich Plasma

El Platelet Rich Plasma, or capillary PRP, is another of the most demanded hair maintenance treatments today. Promotes hair growth, slows hair loss, especially in patients with telogen effluvium, promotes hair regeneration, nourishes and shines hair. In addition to being used to improve the appearance of hair and treat hair loss, it is the perfect complement to hair grafting as it promotes healing and strengthens the new implanted hair.

It consists of extracting a small amount of blood from the patient, which is centrifuged for 20 minutes, managing to separate the platelet-enriched plasma from the rest of the blood components. This plasma contains growth factors and great benefits for hair health and is therefore injected with subdermal injections into the scalp.

Are food supplements and anti-loss shampoos not effective?

After knowing the treatments that are effective in stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth, it is normal to wonder why the treatments do not appear on this list. Food Complements and anti-loss shampoos that we are so used to seeing in our day to day. The truth is that both food supplements and hair loss products they are beneficial for the hair and stimulate the proper functioning of the scalp, but they cannot be considered treatments as such.

These types of products are beneficial as a complement to other hair maintenance treatments, or in cases of mild hair loss that do not require treatment. Therefore, they are beneficial and will help keep hair healthy, but they will not treat alopecia or telogen effluvium as such.

Hair mesotherapy performed on a woman in Hospital Capilar

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