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What is health tourism?

Surely more than once you have heard of the so-called health tourism, a type of tourism that is becoming increasingly popular both inside and outside of Spain.

But do you really know what this type of tourism consists of? In this article we will tell you.

What is health tourism?

Health tourism or health tourism is one that aims to carry out some aesthetic or medical treatment or intervention.

This type of tourism is becoming more and more popular, both due to the different health models that exist in all the countries of the world and to looking for the option that seems more economical to us. 

Also, what better way than to take advantage of the trip for an intervention or treatment to see cities that we have never visited? 

Minor surgeries that do not require a very strict postoperative allow us to recover in a very calm way and being able to take advantage of the trip to get to know the city.

Health tourism in Spain

Spain is a very culturally rich country with thousands of dream places to offer to those who visit it. This is one of the main reasons why, if you are thinking of joining health tourism, our country is a good option, since not only can you travel abroad, but we can discover other places in our land than ever before. we had seen.

Another very important reason when choosing Spain as a destination for surgery or treatments is the quality of its healthcare and the high qualification of healthcare professionals. 

Health tourism in Spain

Types of health tourism

Within health tourism we can find two different branches depending on what we are looking for. Here we explain them to you.

Prevention tourism

Within prevention tourism, we can find, above all, with treatments that what they seek is to stop the advance of a pathology or prevent it from appearing from the beginning.

Healing tourism

In healing tourism we find an existing problem that we need or want to solve.

Do you know hair tourism?

Within health tourism, there is the hair tourism, one dedicated to hair, beard and eyebrow grafts, as well as specific treatments for hair care and maintenance.

Having learned from the best professionals together with the quality and guarantees that Spanish health gives us, make our country the best option when it comes to performing hair graft surgery or hair care treatments.

What is hair tourism

Hospital Capilar invites you to visit new cities while recovering your hair

With our hair graft packages, which include a hotel stay, you won't have to worry about anything other than arriving on time for your hair graft surgery.

En Hospital Capilar You can find various hair solutions such as:

Hair graft in Spain

The definitive solution to finally recover your hair and with it feel yourself again.

A minimally invasive surgery thanks to the FUE technique with which your hair will look like before.

Beard and eyebrow graft

Hair is not the only one that we can recover and / or enhance. In Hospital Capilar We also have beard grafting and eyebrow grafting, so you can redensify them if you need it and improve their shape.

Adapted hair treatments

If you still do not dare to take the graft step because you do not believe that your alopecia is advanced enough or, on the contrary, you have already undergone a graft and want to maintain its results, in Hospital Capilar we have treatments such as Hair Redensification Treatment and Carboxytherapy, among others.

With them you can improve the health of the hair and stop the progression of alopecia, as well as make sure that, after a graft, your hair remains strong and healthy.

Group of friends doing health tourism

Hair solutions at your fingertips

En Hospital Capilar We have a free hair diagnosis through which we will analyze your case in a personalized way to give you an adapted solution. We will wait for you!



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