Hair graft 24 hours before washing

Tips for washing your hair after a hair transplant

In this article we give you all the keys to follow on how to wash your hair after a hair graft.

Hair transplantation is an intervention that requires pre and post-operative care that is very easy to follow and that guarantees the best final result. 

For this reason, it is very important to know what to do after the intervention, so that the entire process passes in the most comfortable way possible.

How is the postoperative period of a hair graft?

After the surgery, our team applies a specific cream to the donor area and covers it with a protective bandage. In the receiving area, after washing it, they apply the thermal water and the patient is ready to go home.

24 hour cure

The day after the intervention, the patient must return to the clinic for our team to perform the first wash, since the receiving area needs to be treated by specialized personnel so that none of the implanted follicular units is damaged.

10 day cure

10 days after surgery, the patient returns to the clinic to perform the wash in which the scabbing takes place.

The crusts that form during the healing of the first days on the scalp have to be gently removed, without tearing them, treating them gently and massaging them with a specific shampoo. 

Postoperative follow-up at 6 months and XNUMX year

After these initial cures, our medical team makes a new appointment with the patient after 6 months and a year after the intervention. In this way they can check the correct evolution of hair growth and control the good condition of the scalp.

Postoperative of a hair graft

Washing your hair at home after hair graft surgery

Here we leave you some tips so that you know how you should treat your hair when washing it once you return home.

Our team will also offer you constant advice at every moment of the postoperative process so that you do not have any doubts.

Here we explain how to wash your hair after a hair graft, so that you know step by step what you should do.

The first wash, after 48 hours

The first wash that you will have to do at home is after 48 hours after surgery. Beforehand, you should not touch the grafted area, since our medical team will take care of that in the clinic.

This is the first step of washing your hair after a hair graft.

Use the shampoo recommended by the clinic

To wash your hair you will not be able to use your usual shampoo, but our experts will recommend the type of shampoo you should use, since it must be one that respects the sensitivity of the scalp and follicular units.

Adapted hair solutions

The water, better tempered and indirectly

We should not use very hot water to wash our hair, as this can damage the grafted hair and irritate the scalp, causing problems that can hinder the healing of the graft.

In addition, it is necessary for the water to fall on the head indirectly, placing the hand in front of the jet so that it does not exert pressure against the implants.

Massage gently

Remember not to rub the receiving area, you must exert very little pressure so that the grafted hair does not suffer any damage. This part is very important when washing your hair after a hair transplant.

Do not worry! Our team will explain to you when you come to the clinic step by step how you should do it and from what moment you can wash and massage the scalp.

Avoid the dryer

For at least the first month it is necessary to avoid the use of the dryer, since with the force of the air we could damage the grafted hair and even tear off some of the follicular units.

Our team will recommend you with what type of towel you can dry yourself and always with small touches.

Hospital Capilar always by your side in the postoperative process

En Hospital Capilar We will always be at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise when taking care of your new hair and make sure that the scalp recovers as soon as possible after the intervention.

If you need more information about the hair, eyebrow and / or beard graft, about our treatments or about how you should proceed in the event of any unforeseen event after surgery, or about how to wash your hair after a hair graft, do not hesitate to contact us. so that we can help you.

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