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Fake news about hair: Discover the most notorious lies about hair!

Many myths about hair continue to circulate today. If I cut the ends, my hair grows faster; the cap makes the hair fall out more; or if I pull out a gray hair, many more come out. These are just some of the many examples of fake hair news. At blog de Hospital Capilar We reveal the lies we usually hear about hair and why. Continue reading!

Other false myths about hair

In a previous article we already talked about the most notorious myths about hair. You missed out? click here and discover them. In this post we continue with these little lies and we tell you other fake hair news that you have probably heard and did not know that, in reality, they are lies.

En Hospital Capilar we have a medical equipment experienced and highly qualified who give us the keys to the great hair hoaxes. We'll tell you then.

Pregnant women should not dye their hair

This has been said for many years, and the truth is that before it was believed that the chemicals used in dyes could affect the fetus. This is why women when they were pregnant avoided dyeing their hair. However this is completely false.

The dyes that are currently used are supervised and comply with standards regulated by current regulations. Among other issues, it is guaranteed that the composition of the product does not have a direct effect on the mother or the fetus. However, it can happen that during pregnancy greater sensitivity is experienced in the scalp with the use of dyes. In these cases, it is highly recommended to go to an expert medical team that can assess each case individually.

If we brush a lot, our hair will fall out more.

Seeing hair tangled in the brush when we comb our hair does not mean that it falls out precisely because we brush it. To affirm that the hair falls out more if we brush it more frequently is completely false..

Yes, it is true that by combing it we make it easier for those hairs about to fall to come off completely. The normal thing is to lose about 100 hairs a day, so within that margin we would not be experiencing any symptoms of any hair pathology.

Gelatin causes hair loss

Another of the fake hair news that has nothing to do with reality is that related to fixing and styling products. It has been said that hair gel causes hair loss, and even alopecia, but this product has nothing to do with baldness.

The only noteworthy thing about hair gel is that its continued use, accompanied by a lack of hair hygiene, can cause it to dry out. But in no case is it the cause of hair loss. 

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If we wash our hair a lot less oil comes out

Another of the hair fake news currently circulating is the one related to oily hair. It is said that if we have oily hair and we wash it often, we will ensure that the scalp does not generate so much sebum. This is completely false. Yes, it is true that washing our hair frequently makes it cleaner, but in no case will it cause us to secrete less sebum.

Lighten hair with vinegar

It has always been thought that doing the last rinse with apple or wine vinegar enhances the natural shine of the hair. Apparently an aesthetically better result can be obtained, but the acid in the vinegar damages the cuticle and causes the hair to become more porous and sensitive.

Therefore, getting shiny hair by rinsing it with vinegar is not recommended at all and is partly a myth.

Cutting your hair on a crescent moon makes it grow stronger

Does cutting your hair on a crescent moon make it come out stronger and faster? The answer is no.

It is said that cutting your hair according to the lunar phase influences its growth. Just as hair grows faster and stronger on a waxing moon, growth slows down on a waning moon, but it is said that the roots are strengthened, reducing hair loss. This, again, is not true. The lunar calendar does not intervene in any case in hair growth.

If my father is bald, I will be bald too

If I have a direct relative who is bald, like my father, will I also suffer from alopecia? This cannot be affirmed, since it depends on many variables such as the type of alopecia, among others. Yes, it is true that in cases of androgenic alopecia the genetic factor does influence, but, even so, it cannot be guaranteed that the descendant will suffer from baldness.

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