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November 6th 2023

Can I wear a cap after a hair transplant?

After hair implant surgery, it is very common to feel somewhat uncomfortable with the appearance of the scalp. This is why we tend to consider alternatives to try to cover the head, especially in the first days. In this sense, knowing if I can wear a cap after a hair transplant is essential to act in the best way. 

When in doubt about whether I can wear a cap after a hair transplant, the answer is no. After the hair implant, the scalp is sensitized and in the process of healing, so if we cover the area and generate compression and sweating, can cause complications that affect the final aesthetic result of the hair transplant

What happens if I wear a cap after a hair transplant?

If a cap is worn after a hair transplant, complications may arise, especially in the receiving area that affect the final result of the hair implant. If we place the cap immediately after hair surgery, the most common thing is that with friction on the grafts they come off, seriously damaging the result. Furthermore, the scalp is sensitive and susceptible to infections, so in addition to keeping the area clean and hydrated at all times, it is important to avoid actions that could encourage infection. If we place a cap after hair surgery, it is very possible that we will end up developing folliculitis

When can I wear a cap after hair implant?

Complications derived from wearing a cap after a hair implant occur especially in the first days after the intervention. Therefore, when leaving the operating room you should not cover your head with caps or similar. However, After 10 days, a cap can be placed as long as it is very loose and does not rub against the grafts.. If the cap does not have these characteristics or we are not sure how to use it, The most prudent thing is to start carrying it from the month

In any case, when placing the cap either after 10 days or a month after the hair transplant, we must take special care. To do this, it is recommended to place it very gently on the head, making sure that it does not support or exert pressure on the graft area. To remove it, it is advisable to do it from back to front and, again, very gently. 

How to protect grafts without wearing a cap? 

When going outside in the first days after hair surgery, we must protect ourselves from certain meteorological phenomena such as wind, rain and sun. Since a cap is not advisable during the first weeks of the hair implant, the ideal way to protect the grafts on stormy or sunny days is to avoid going outside. If it is necessary to go out, we can cover our head with an umbrella, thus protecting ourselves from sun, rain and air that could harm the graft area. 

Other accessories that you can or cannot use after hair implant

The cap is not the only accessory we think about using to cover the head after a hair transplant. Hats, headbands, helmets, caps... can't they be used after the intervention?

Helmet after hair transplant

During the first month after hair surgery we should avoid activities that involve wearing a helmet. It is not possible to place it during the first weeks since it exerts excessive pressure on the head and would directly affect the grafts. After a month, it can be used normally. 

Hat after hair implant

The use of hats after a hair transplant is the same as that of caps: only if they are loose and do not rub against the grafts they can be placed after 10 days, to use them normally you should wait a month. 

Ribbons, headbands and visors

If what we want is to wear ribbons or headbands, it is advisable to wait until the first month of the intervention has passed. In the case of visors, like caps, they can be used after 10 days if they are loose. 

Use of caps after hair transplant

Hats should be avoided until the month of the intervention has passed. Wool is a material that can become embedded in the grafted follicular units; This would cause that, at the moment of taking off the hat, we would tear them off and damage the area.


Like the above, we should not wear wigs until the month is over. After that time they can be used normally.

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