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5th October 2023

Bald spots on the head: why do they appear and how to treat them?

The appearance of bald spots on the head is usually a cause for great concern that, in many cases, generates complexes and insecurities. Knowing the cause of hair loss and the formation of these bald spots is key to starting the most recommended treatment in each case and avoiding a greater visual impact.

There are many factors that can lead to hair loss that accompanies bald spots on the head. However, when it comes to rounded bald spots that appear in random areas of the scalp, it is usually due to a specific type of alopecia. From Hospital Capilar We tell you the causes and possible treatments for bald spots on the scalp.

Why do bald heads appear?

Hair loss can occur in different ways. Depending on the pattern of hair loss, among others, specialists identify different types of alopecia which require specific hair treatments. When we talk about bald spots on the head, we usually refer to rounded hairless patches that sometimes appear randomly on the scalp. When hair loss results in this type of bald spots on the head, doctors from Hospital Capilar They point out that it is very likely that it is a alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is a type of alopecia of autoimmune origin that affects both men and women in a high percentage. It is not the most common type of alopecia, but it is one of the most complex to treat since it is the person's own immune system that is responsible for hair loss.

Although the exact origin of an alopecia areata that causes bald spots on the head remains unknown, several factors have been identified that can accelerate its symptoms. In addition, there are other causes that can be the origin of bald spots on the head.

Alterations in the immune system

As we have previously commented, alopecia areata is usually the type of alopecia that produces the appearance of bald spots on the head, understanding rounded circles without hair as bald spots. In these cases, it is the patient's own immune system that mistakenly attacks the Hair follicles healthy producing their destruction. This is what causes hair loss and the formation of bald spots on the head.

Genetic heritage

Alopecia areata is also thought to have a genetic component. If you have relatives with this type of disease, it is possible that this type of alopecia will develop. However, genetic inheritance is much more relevant in cases of hormonal alopecia such as androgenic alopecia, the most common of all. This type of hormonal alopecia causes hair loss and the appearance of bald spots, but not rounded as such, but the pattern of hair loss begins in men at the hairline and crown, while in men of the hairline widens.


La stress hair loss does not usually cause baldness on the head as such, since what usually happens is that it triggers a telogen effluvium that generates a more diffuse hair loss. However, stress can lead to alopecia areata, triggering the appearance of this type of round-shaped bald spots on the scalp.

Trauma or scars

Leaving aside the possible causes of suffering from alopecia areata or accelerating its symptoms, there are other factors that in many cases lead to hair loss in specific areas of the head. When a strong blow is received or with the presence of scars, it is common for the hair in the affected area to fall, generating a bald spot.

Remedies for bald spots on the head

To receive the most effective treatment to solve and reduce bald spots on the head, it is essential to receive a correct medical diagnosis. Once the cause that generates this hair loss in the form of round bald spots has been determined, the most effective solution is recommended. In cases of alopecia areata, it is dermatologists who treat and carry out a meticulous medical follow-up. Normally the most frequent treatments for alopecia areata are:


The specialist doctor can prescribe corticosteroids, either for oral consumption or for topical application.


El Minoxidil It is another of the drugs that can be recommended in the treatment of bald spots in the beard. If the bald spot is very localized, it is effective to apply Minoxidil topically to the affected area, although oral consumption is also recommended in many cases.

Infiltrated capillary treatments

Some hair treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma may be beneficial in some cases. For this, the medical assessment of a professional is always required. 

Design phase of the frontal line in a hair transplant

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