Doctor Amaro designing the crown for a hair graft
July 6, 2023

Does the crown of the head hurt more in a hair implant?

One of the issues that usually worries those who are deciding whether to undergo a hair graft is the pain that this surgical intervention may cause. Specifically, the area of ​​the crown of the head can worry us above all, since it is a more sensitive area than the frontal or occipital area. Being more sensitive, does the crown of the head hurt more in a hair implant? Do you feel pain or discomfort in a hair transplant?

From Hospital Capilar, clinic specializing in hair graft Madrid, also with hair clinics in Murcia and in Pontevedra, we will tell you if it is true that the crown of the head hurts more in a hair implant, without lies or holding back. In addition to the results offered by the technique and the process postoperative, the inconvenience derived from this surgery is a matter that usually worries and for what they come to our consultations with doubts of this style. Here we tell you everything!  

What is the crown hair implant?

To understand the possible pain that a crown hair graft can cause, it is convenient to know what the surgery process in question is like. The FUE capillary implant of the crown consists of extracting one by one Hair follicles healthy from the donor zone, usually the occipital area, and implant them in the area affected by alopecia, or receiving area. For this, the extraction of the follicular units is carried out with a punch with micromotor with which small channels are made from where the follicles are extracted with tweezers. The surgeon then makes the incisions with a sapphire scalpel in the recipient area and, in those channels, the follicular units are implanted again with tweezers.

Does the crown of the head hurt more in a hair implant?

After learning about the process of a crown capillary graft, it is normal for us to feel some concern about the sensations we will experience during surgery and, consequently, we wonder if the crown of the head hurts more in a capillary implant than the rest of the head. .

It is convenient to clarify that any capillary graft is carried out with Anesthesia localTherefore the patient will not feel any kind of pain related to the extraction or incisions. However, those same injections of anesthesia is what usually causes pain or discomfort in patients who undergo hair surgery. Therefore, the anesthesia phase is the only stage of the process that can cause discomfort to the patient. As for whether the crown of the head hurts more, since it is a somewhat more sensitive area than the rest of the head, it can be somewhat more uncomfortable, but the type of discomfort is the same. The degree of intensity of that pain will depend on several factors.

Health team technique

One of the factors that directly influences the degree of pain experienced by the patient during the application of anesthesia is the experience and skill of the physician who applies it. This does not mean that there are health workers trained to infiltrate anesthesia without causing any type of pain, since this is not possible. But it is true that it is this skill and technique of the professional that can considerably reduce the discomfort that this phase may cause.

Use of pre-anesthesia

En Hospital Capilar We are aware that the application of anesthesia can cause discomfort in the patient and, to alleviate as much as possible this pain both in the crown and in the rest of the scalp, we use the pre-anesthesia. It is a device that expels lidocaine through kinetic impulses in the head, without the need for needles, numbing the area before applying the anesthesia itself. Thanks to this technique we managed to considerably reduce the pain caused by anesthesia injections.

Patient pain threshold

As in any field, the pain threshold that each patient has will greatly influence when measuring or evaluating discomfort during the anesthesia phase of a hair graft. There are patients who say they do not experience any discomfort, while others notice it more. In any case, the application of anesthesia lasts a very short time and this possible pain is bearable. Once the area is anesthetized, the patient will not feel any kind of discomfort.

Infiltration of vitamins into the scalp

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