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December 14th 2021

Make up your eyebrows daily: is it harmful?

The eyebrows are the element of the face that gives us the most expressiveness. For this reason, and more and more, we care about showing them perfect, shaved and even made up. The growing tendency to make up eyebrows daily It has made us ask ourselves a question: Can it be harmful?

Can daily eyebrow makeup be harmful?

On many occasions it has been commented that putting makeup on our facial skin on a daily basis is not as beneficial as we think since it clogs the pores. This can, in the long run, cause minor pathologies such as acne. But, does the same thing happen with the eyebrows?

Many people choose to make up their eyebrows on a daily basis due to a lack of density in the area. When hair falls out of our eyebrows bald areas appear, damaging their aesthetics. This usually leads us to use specific eyebrow makeup products to cover them and thus have a perfect look.

Daily eyebrow makeup is not harmful to eyebrow follicles, and this is what our doctors. Of course, it is advisable to use specific quality eyebrow products to avoid possible allergic reactions. What's more, it is very important to remove make-up and clean the eyebrows correctly every day we put on makeup, just like we do with our faces.

How to make up your eyebrows correctly

To obtain a flawless eyebrow makeup, a series of steps must be followed. Put these tips into practice and, if you make up your eyebrows daily, get the best results.

Combing the eyebrows

The first thing to do is comb the eyebrows with a special brush. To prevent hair from being left unbrushed, it is recommended comb up first and, when the entire eyebrow is in that direction, brush again following the growth of the eyebrow.

Mark the shape of the eyebrows

After the hairstyle, it is time to take the pencil of the tone that most closely resembles the color of our eyebrows and outline them. To do this, we must mark the part under the eyebrow always respecting its width and length. In this way we mark the limits facilitating the subsequent filling. 

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Fill the empty spaces

This is probably the step that requires the most precision. With an eyebrow pencil, or in any other format, you have to outline and fill in the hairless areas. It is not about coloring, but about simulating hair. For this it is preferable not to use excess product, but rather to use as little as possible and to blur.

With this last step we would already have correctly made-up eyebrows. If the makeup is going to be worn for a long period of time, we can also incorporate a fixing product to seal them and make them last longer intact.

Eyebrow graft: the ultimate solution to lack of density

Daily eyebrow makeup is an option to cover hairless areas in the area, but in no case is it a definitive solution. At present, it is possible to regain the lost density thanks to the eyebrow graft.

The eyebrow implant is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery that does not require hospitalization. During the intervention, the medical equipment extracts the necessary follicular units from the lower area of ​​the neck and implants them in the area to be treated of the eyebrows respecting the agreed design. Once the intervention is finished, the postoperative period for an eyebrow graft begins.

The definitive results are given a year after the surgery, although six months after the intervention they can already be appreciated.

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Your eyebrow graft in Hospital Capilar

With the eyebrow graft we are able to recover the lost density obtaining natural results. In Hospital Capilar We have a medical team experienced in hair surgery that will respond to your needs. Request your first free diagnosis and put yourself in the best hands.



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