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Hair loss in women: When should we worry?

Hair loss and loss of density are problems that both women and men experience very frequently. In the case of women, the causes that lead to this hair loss can be for various reasons and, depending on its origin, action must be taken in one way or another. Considering this, When should we worry about hair loss in women?

We must not forget that it is normal for hair to fall out daily. The usual thing is that we lose a day 100 hairs, so there is nothing to worry about if the hair that falls out falls within this range. However, the situation can change when we begin to notice a real lack of density or when hair loss in women is truly pronounced. What to do in these cases? When should you go to an expert? On Hospital Capilar, a clinic specializing in medicine and hair surgeries, we give you all the information.

Causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss in the female population is multifactorial, that is, various agents can intervene that cause hair loss. This is why it is advisable to go to a doctor who is an expert in hair health to determine the origin and thus be able to apply a treatment accordingly if necessary.

Here we tell you what are the main causes of hair loss in women.


It has been shown that there is a close relationship between stress and hair loss.

When we experience periods of high levels of stress or anxiety, cortisol levels increase. It is a hormone that slows down blood circulation, which has a direct impact on the scalp, causing a large amount of hair to pass directly to the scalp. telogen phase. It is mainly for this reason that stress causes us to lose a lot of hair in a short time.

However, our doctors indicate that generally hair loss due to stress is reversible so the hair will come out again.

Seasonal fall

Another cause that makes hair fall out more often among women is what is known as seasonal fall. It is a phenomenon that happens with the change of season itself where the hair enters a renewal process and, therefore, falls out.

Autumn is usually the time when women notice this hair loss the most. And, again, it is usually reversible so the hair will grow back completely normally. 

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Many women also experience increased hair loss after pregnancy. It is usually very common and has its origin in the hormonal processes derived from pregnancy.

This type of hair loss in women has a duration of approximately three months and, after this time, the fall will be reduced. Therefore, we should not worry unless the hair loss continues over time and we begin to notice areas without hair on the head. In that case, it is highly recommended to go to a hair clinic since it could be the beginning of some type of alopecia in women.

Development of some type of alopecia

When hair loss is accompanied by the appearance of bald areas, it is necessary for an expert doctor to carry out a capillary diagnosis to determine what type of alopecia is the cause.

In the case of women, the most common alopecias are androgenic alopecia, areata, diffuse and frontal fibrosing. Anyways, hair loss in any of these cases, it is not reversible, so the most appropriate hair treatments should be chosen in each case to reverse the effects.

When should we worry about hair loss?

After delving into the different causes that can cause hair loss in women, in what cases should we really worry?

When hair loss occurs due to high levels of stress, due to the change of season or after pregnancy, at first it would not be necessary to go to a hair clinic. Of course, in cases where there is a considerable loss of density, we can resort to hair maintenance treatments to keep it in the best conditions.

However, in the case of some type of alopecia in which it is observed that the hair that falls out does not grow back, it is important that a doctor be the one who evaluates it in order to provide a solution.

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