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May 7th 2024

Alopecia in the elderly: Is a hair graft viable?

Hair loss is a problem that affects men and women of different ages. Alopecia in the elderly is even more evident than during adulthood, increasing by 95% in men over 70 years of age compared to 40% of adults. The rise of hair clinics in Spain has increased the demand for hair treatments that stop hair loss, as well as hair grafting. In this context, Is a hair graft viable when you have alopecia in the elderly? It is effective?

From Hospital Capilar, a network of hair clinics in Spain that are experts in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about alopecia in the elderly.

Why does hair fall out in older people?

The passage of time causes the hair to change in terms of its quality, shape and appearance, and this is completely natural. The appearance of gray hair, the loss of shine and strength are some of the consequences of old age.

Hair loss is also one of the consequences that tends to worry the most in these cases. There are several factors that influence the development of alopecia in the elderly:

Hormonal factor

The most common type of alopecia, not only in the elderly, is androgenic alopecia. A hormonal imbalance causes the Dihydrotestosterone attack the hair follicles causing their weakening and subsequent fall. In these cases, the hair that falls out does not come out again, generating baldness. 

hair aging

As time passes, the body produces less collagen and cell renewal slows down. This causes the quantity of hair and its quality to decrease, in addition to giving way to the loss of melanin, giving rise to gray hair typical of age.

certain drugs 

Alopecia in the elderly can also occur due to the intake of certain drugs such as antidepressants, blood thinners, or chemotherapy drugs. In these cases, a telogen effluvium which in most cases will be reversible once the medication is stopped.

Bad nutrition

A nutritional deficit can aggravate cases of alopecia in the elderly, since diet and hair loss they are related. This is why it is recommended to follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, biotin, iron and copper.


Hair loss, as well as hair miniaturization, also happen due to the menopause. As estrogen and progesterone decrease compared to testosterone levels, the hair loses quality and becomes finer, which can affect the hair follicle.

Treatments to stop alopecia in the elderly

Although alopecia in the elderly is common and happens in many cases due to hereditary factors, it currently has a solution. The main thing is to go to a hair clinic in Spain where you can receive a medical diagnosis to opt for the most effective hair treatment in each case.


The medical team of Hospital Capilar assures that resorting to drugs such as Minoxidil or to androgen inhibitors such as dutasteride They are one of the options to stop alopecia in the elderly and considerably improve the quality of native hair.  

Hair mesotherapy

Another option to treat alopecia in the elderly, if there is no contraindication and prior medical evaluation, is the hair mesotherapy. Through a magisterial formula based on vitamins and drugs injected directly into the patient's scalp, it is possible to stop hair loss and improve its quality without the need to consume oral drugs.

Platelet Rich Plasma

El Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, promotes hair regrowth and hair growth. By extracting blood from the patient himself, which is centrifuged, the results are obtained. rich growth factors which are injected into the scalp.

Is a hair graft viable in older people?

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. hair treatments They are effective in terms of slowing the advance of alopecia in the elderly and improving hair that has not fallen. However, they will not cause new hair to grow in areas where it has already fallen. In these cases, the only method by which to have hair again is with the hair graft.

Regarding the feasibility of hair grafting in elderly patients, it is, a priori, an intervention that offers successful results. However, it must be a medical specialist who determines the feasibility of the hair implant.

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