Doctor making the incisions in a hair graft

December 1th 2021

Hair graft step by step: How is the intervention performed?

It is very normal that one of the issues that usually concern us the most before undergoing a hair implant is how this intervention is performed. Know the hair graft step by step It is key to opt for this surgery and recover the hair lost due to alopecia.

What is a hair graft?

A hair implant is defined as a minimally invasive outpatient surgery. This means that the patient who undergoes a hair graft does not require hospitalization, but the same day that he enters the operating room, he can return to his home with total normality. Of course, always taking into account all the recommendations given by the medical equipment.

This intervention is the only method we currently have to regain hair that stopped growing naturally due to some type of alopecia. The implanted hair will not fall again since it is extracted from the area that is not affected by the androgenic alopecia. It is for this reason that more and more men and women decide to have a hair implant to put an end to baldness.

How is a hair graft step by step?

Once the preoperative of a hair graft and the medical team determines that the patient is suitable to undergo a hair implant, the day of the surgery arrives. From early in the morning the person goes through the different phases that make up hair surgery until, after around 8 hours, the intervention ends and the patient can return home or, in the case of international patients or from outside the locality. , to hotel.

To go even deeper into what a day of surgery looks like in Hospital Capilar, we tell you about the hair graft step by step.  

Personal of Hospital Capilar in a capillary graft with FUE technique

Design of the area to be implanted

The medical team will be responsible for the design of the receiving area.

Shaving the donor area

The first thing that takes place on the day of surgery is the shaving of the head. In cases where the graft is performed with DHI only the donor area is shaved, the receiving area It does not require shaving, although it is desirable that the hair be as short as possible.

Application of anesthesia

Once the patient's head has been shaved and the patient has changed into the pajamas that we provide at Hospital Capilar, It is time to go to the operating room. The nursing team takes a path and proceeds to monitor to have the patient under control at all times.

The step-by-step hair transplant continues with the application of the anesthesia. To do this, the person is placed face down on the stretcher and the surgeon in charge of the intervention proceeds to inject anesthesia into the scalp. This is the most painful phase of a hair transplant, therefore in Hospital Capilar we offer our patients an exclusive service of pre-anesthesia with which we reduce the pain of the anesthesia itself by up to 80%.

The anesthesia applied is only local, general anesthesia is not used so the patient remains awake and conscious throughout the hair transplant.

Follicular units extraction phase

With the scalp asleep, we proceed to extract the relevant follicular units from the donor area, that is, from the lower area of ​​the head. This is a precision exercise, since the extracted follicles will not grow again, so experienced professionals must be the ones who do it so as not to harm the donor zone.

A hair graft step by step continues with the classification, revision and separation of follicular units. These are deposited in Petri dishes for better conservation.

Incisions phase in the receiving area

The recipient area begins to be treated with the incisions. The surgeon, in an exercise of precision, makes the pertinent incisions in the area affected by the baldness with a sapphire scalpel. This is carried out under medical criteria and always respecting the design agreed upon by the patient and the surgeon.

Follicular unit graft

A hair graft step by step ends with the implantation of the follicular units previously extracted. These are grafted into the incisions and, after applying serum to keep the area hydrated, the hair graft surgery is concluded and the procedure begins. postoperative.

Doctor Orozco carrying out the design of the front line in Hospital Capilar Murcia

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