Design phase in an eyebrow graft in men
May 7th 2024

Eyebrow grafting in men: Everything you need to know

The eyebrows are one of the elements of the face that provide the most expressiveness. On many occasions, excessive hair removal, scars, burns or the development of some types of alopecia cause the area to lose density. This is why more and more people opt for eyebrow implants to recover their hair and achieve the desired design and shape. Although it is mostly women who come to the clinic for this reason, more and more men are asking about this type of technique. This is why we will tell you everything related to eyebrow grafting in men below: how is the intervention done? Does it offer good results in men?

En Hospital Capilar We are experts in hair surgery in Spain, such as hair grafting and eyebrow grafting, and then we resolve all doubts about eyebrow grafting in men.

What does the eyebrow graft consist of?

El eyebrow implant It is a minimally invasive surgical intervention that is performed on an outpatient basis. It usually lasts approximately 5 hours and consists of extracting Hair follicles of the donor area, normally the lower neck area, and implant them in the eyebrows depending on the design chosen by the patient.

The procedure of an eyebrow transplant consists of several phases. A prior medical diagnosis is required in which the medical equipment assess the feasibility of the intervention. Once the brow graft preoperative, the patient on the day of his intervention goes through different phases.

Donor area shaving

The first thing that is carried out is the shaving of the donor area. In the case of eyebrow grafting in men, a small area at the height of the neck is shaved approximately, which will go unnoticed either with the length of the hair itself or through a gradient that can be done at our trusted hairdresser.

It requires shaving a small area to easily extract the follicles.

Local anesthesia

The eyebrow graft is performed applying local anesthesia, so the patient remains awake and conscious during the entire intervention. This phase is usually the only one that causes discomfort and, for this reason, in Hospital Capilar We make pre-anesthesia available to our patients.

Pre-anesthesia is a device that expels lidocaine through a plunger using kinetic impulses, without the need for needles. Thanks to this, it is possible to numb the scalp before the anesthesia itself, which is applied through injections.

Follicular unit extraction

Eyebrow grafting in men is performed by FUE technique. This means that the extraction of follicular units is performed individually, using a punch with micromotor and without leaving visible scars.

The follicles that are extracted one by one are placed in Petri dishes for better conservation. In an eyebrow transplant, between 1.000 and 2.000 follicular units are usually needed, depending on what each patient needs to achieve the desired eyebrows.

Incisions and implantation of eyebrow follicles

The next thing that takes place in an eyebrow graft in men are the incisions. The surgeon using a sapphire scalpel opens small cavities in the eyebrows respecting the degree of angulation and natural direction of the native hair. It is in these incisions where the extracted follicles are subsequently implanted, concluding the eyebrow implant surgery.

Can an eyebrow graft be performed on men?

Although a large percentage of patients who undergo eyebrow transplantation are women, eyebrow grafting can obviously be performed on men. It is a technique that in men also offers natural and lasting results. These can be seen definitively after the first year of surgery, although significant changes can already be seen at 6 months.

It is important that, after the intervention, strictly comply with the eyebrow graft postoperative since it will depend, to a large extent, to achieve an optimal result.

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