May 21th 2024

Garlic for hair: Is it true that it stops hair loss?

Natural and home remedies are increasingly popular options among those who want to take care of their hair with other alternative methods with natural ingredients. Among these alternatives, the use of garlic for hair stands out with the main objective of stop hair loss and promote its growth, but, to what extent does it serve as a treatment for hair loss? In Hospital Capilar what you have.

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Benefits of garlic for hair

Many hair care products incorporate garlic into their formulas due to its benefits for hair. Garlic is a great natural antiseptic, vasodilator and contains high levels of vitamin C, manganese, selenium and vitamin B6, which contributes to maintaining healthy and quality hair.

Promotes oxygenation of the scalp

Garlic favors blood circulation which causes greater oxygenation of the Hair follicles. Furthermore, thanks to its vasodilating action, nutrients reach the follicles to a greater extent, which strengthens the hair and stops hair loss in certain cases such as patients with telogen effluvium.

Reduces hair aging

Thanks to its high vitamin C content, garlic is a powerful natural antioxidant. When applied to the scalp we manage to somewhat reduce the action of free radicals in the hair, which increase the hair aging. Therefore, garlic contributes to improving the quality and structure of the hair.

Strengthens and encourages hair growth

As we have previously commented, garlic favors the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles. This makes hair stronger and healthier, reducing hair breakage and improving the appearance of fine hair. On the other hand, garlic promotes hair growth as there is greater oxygenation of the scalp.

reduces dandruff

Garlic is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, which is why it is very useful for fighting infections and fungi. In this sense, garlic helps reduce dandruff, reduces itching of the scalp and redness.

Does garlic stop hair loss?

Among the most outstanding benefits of garlic, it is often commented that garlic stops hair loss. However, it is necessary to qualify to avoid confusion.

Hair loss can be due to multiple factors and, depending on its origin, one treatment or another will be needed.. In this context, garlic is effective in stopping hair loss, especially in cases of telogen effluvium or seasonal falls, for example, but it will not help in cases of alopecia that accompany bald spots. Furthermore, garlic should not be considered a sole and isolated treatment in case of acute hair loss, since we should opt for other types of treatments and products with proven effectiveness. It can be an extra help, but in no case the definitive solution to hair loss.

Is garlic good for alopecia areata?

There are different types of alopecia whose treatment depends on the factor that triggers irreversible hair loss. In the case of the alopecia areata, it is the patient's own immune system that attacks the hair follicles, producing an inflammatory response in the body. This is why topical treatments are often beneficial for patients with alopecia areata in order to reduce inflammation.

In this context, the University of Kufa published a study in which garlic was used to treat alopecia areata in 10 patients. A considerable improvement was observed in all of them, and in about half of them, the hair began to grow back. On the other hand, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences also conducted similar research where they used a garlic product with betamethasone valerate in 40 patients with alopecia areata who began to improve their symptoms within a month of starting treatment.

Garlic appears to be beneficial in patients with alopecia areata, but there is still not enough scientific evidence to consider it a solution to this type of baldness. If you have symptoms of alopecia areata, it is essential to go to the dermatologist to begin the most appropriate treatment in each case.

In the case of noticing considerable hair loss that accompanies hairless areas, it is important to take the following into account.

Go to a specialized hair clinic

At the first signs of baldness, it is important to go to a hair clinic in Spain to receive a medical diagnosis and thus determine the type of alopecia or condition that causes hair loss. In Hospital Capilar medical diagnosis is completely free.

Opt for hair treatments with proven medical efficacy

At present there are effective hair treatments against hair loss such as hair mesotherapy or Hair PRP. Both are infiltrated directly into the scalp, so they attack the root problem. Each of them is oriented towards certain objectives and according to the type of fall, so a prior medical diagnosis is necessary to resort to them.

Hair graft, the definitive solution to baldness

The previously mentioned hair treatments will not regrow new hair in bald areas where there has been follicular destruction. The only way to recover the hair in the areas where it stopped growing naturally is with the FUE hair transplant.

Capillary analysis of a woman's hair with a trichoscope

Your solution to the fall is in Hospital Capilar

Finding the treatment that best suits our needs is key to achieving the best results. In Hospital Capilar We value you in a personalized way to put an end to alopecia. Request information and resolve your doubts!


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