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April 21th 2023

Hair transplant myths: What is true and what is false?

The great increase in the demand for hair implants has caused more and more people to decide to find out about this intervention. Consequently, certain hair transplant myths have also been propagated mainly about its results and procedure. Knowing which of these hoaxes are true and which are false is important to be well informed about this trending hair surgery.

En Hospital Capilar, an expert hair transplant clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you what are the main myths of hair grafting and which of them are true or false. Next!

10 hair transplant myths: truth or lie?

El hair graft is an intervention that offers natural results and is a definitive solution for people with baldness due to a alopecia. The good results offered by this technique make men and women with alopecia or hair loss problems request information about this method. Making sure that the information we receive in this regard is true is key, so it is important to make sure that we are not facing any of the hair graft myths.

Below we bring to light the 10 most notorious hair graft myths of the moment. Which are true and which are false?

Anyone can have a hair transplant

That's not true, since not everyone is suitable for a hair transplant. A prior medical diagnosis is necessary where the medical team evaluates the viability of the hair graft based on the degree and type of alopecia of the patient, as well as the general state of health of the patient.

One of the most frequent cases by which doctors can determine the not suitable for hair implant It is due to the lack of a donor area. When the donor zone of the patient is not enough to cover the entire area affected by alopecia, the patient is not suitable for hair grafting.

The hair implant is done in one day

Among the hair graft myths, there is often talk about the duration of this surgery. In this case, it is true that the hair implant is usually done in one day. The intervention lasts approximately 7 hours., depending in any case on the number of follicular units that are implanted, and the intervention is carried out in a single session.

The hair that is removed grows back

False. The hair that is extracted to perform the hair transplant from the donor area does not grow back. When the follicle is removed, new hair will not grow back. However, the health team performs the follicular unit extraction in such a way that it goes unnoticed and, thus, is not noticed.

In this sense, the experience and skill of the medical team is essential so as not to harm the patient's donor area. Reason why it is recommended to go to a hair clinic with experienced professionals.

The implanted hair falls out again

Hair grafting is presented as a definitive method to end baldness. It should be noted that this is the case as long as the treatments recommended by the medical team are followed. Alopecia is a chronic disease that needs to be stabilized with drugs like Finasteride or hair treatments such as hair mesotherapyOtherwise, the hair will continue to fall, affecting the aesthetics of the result of the hair implant.

Hair grafting is painful

Among the rumors and myths of hair grafting, it is often said that it is a painful surgery. That's not true. In order to perform the hair implant, a Anesthesia local, so the patient does not feel pain during the intervention. However, it is true that the application of anesthesia itself can be somewhat annoying. For this reason, in Hospital Capilar we make available to our patients the pre-anesthesia with which we managed to considerably reduce the pain. 

Personal of Hospital Capilar in a capillary graft with FUE technique

Only men can undergo a hair transplant

This is completely false. He hair transplant in women exists and offers very good results. The androgenic alopecia, the most common of all, also affects women, causing baldness. They are also suitable for the first hair transplant, so this is one of the hair transplant myths that turns out to be completely untrue.

It is essential to shave the entire head

That's not true. Yes, it is true that a minimum of shaving the donor area is required to be able to perform the extraction successfully, leaving the hair with a length of approximately 2 millimeters. However, there is the hair graft without shaving in which the receiving area is not shaved. In certain cases like hair transplant tickets or in women, the patient prefers not to shave the entire head and, if the medical team sees it feasible, they do not shave.

Hair can be grafted from other parts of the body

Yes, you can implant hair from other parts of the body. This is known as Body Hair Transplant (BHT) and the extraction of follicular units is performed in areas of the body such as the beard, chest or back. However, the hair in these areas is not similar to that on the head, so the results are not so natural. In Hospital Capilar we do not perform this technique mainly because it does not offer the best results.

Hair grafting cannot be done in summer

False. The hair graft can be performed at any time of the year. The important thing about this is the postoperative care that the patient performs. One of the hair graft myths alludes to summer as a time when it is not feasible to perform this surgery, mainly due to the sun, which we should avoid during the first weeks. However, following good care and protecting ourselves from direct sun exposure for the estimated time, we can perform the hair transplant in summer.

The hair implant leaves visible scars

The capillary graft can be performed with the FUSS technique or with the FUE technique. The FUSS technique does leave a visible scar in the donor area since the necessary follicular units are extracted by excising a strip of skin from the scalp. However the FUE hair implant does not leave visible scars, since the extraction is performed individually with a punch with micromotor without the need to remove skin.

Doctor Alberto Sánchez in a hair transplant surgery in Hospital Capilar

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